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GLOCUL: Centre for Culture and Law

Maintaining order in plural societies in which varying and inter-connected communities attempt to negotiate a viable modus vivendi is a key challenge of contemporary governance worldwide. The role which law and legal processes can and should play is of greater salience today than ever before, while the global momentum in the study of the cultural diversity is challenging nominally universalistic approaches to law. GLOCUL’s research agenda links legal pluralism, legal culture, and socio-legal studies more broadly, to culture, ethnicity, religion, migration, citizenship, diasporas, and transnationalism. An interdisciplinary blending of these fields is at the focus of GLOCUL’s research agenda.

Dr Prakash Shah, Director of GLOCUL.

Alevi Semah (Photo Credit: Selahattin Sonmez)
Alevi Semah (Photo Credit: Selahattin Sonmez)
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