Equal Justices Initiative

Equal Justices Initiative

The aim of the Equal Justices Initiative (EJI) is to promote the equal participation of men and women in the judiciary in England and Wales by 2015.

The EJI serves as a forum for bringing together academics, practitioners, judges and policy-makers to work towards gender parity on the bench. Read about the EJI aims and background.

  • Ingrid Simler appointed to High Court Bench
    We are delighted that EJI Executive Committee member, Ingrid Simler, has been appointed to the Queens Bench division of the High Court Bench.
  • Supreme Court still only has one female member
    The new UK Supreme Court opened in October 2009. Only one member of the Court is a woman. Lady Brenda Hale was appointed to the predecessor of the Supreme Court, the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords in 2003, the first and only female Law Lord. Since her appointment there have been a further fifteen appointments to the House of Lords or Supreme Court. None of which has been a woman.
  • Linda Dobbs retires from High Court Bench
    It has been over two years since the resignation of Linda Dobbs from the High Court Bench in April 2013. There are still no BME women judges in the senior judiciary.

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