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December 2013

Dr Gaetano Dimita interviewed by FacultiMedia on ‘Networking technologies and the Future of Copyright’
28 December 2013

Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice will be Visiting Professor on International Cooperation Law at Kobe University, Japan
23 December 2013

Law Winter Graduation 2013
20 December 2013
Postgraduate law students were awarded their degrees on 10 December 2013 at the ceremony held in the Great Hall in the People’s Palace at Queen Mary's Mile End campus.

Dr Maks Del Mar publishes two special issues on legal reasoning
19 December 2013

Dr Prakash Shah - Home Secretary should amend rules for family reunion says Supreme Court
19 December 2013
Dr Prakash Shah acted as an expert witness in a recent Supreme Court case, AA (Somalia) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2013] UKSC 81.

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC to speak at the launch of the UK Common Rights Project
18 December 2013

Queen Mary report on Commercial Court Fees included in Ministry of Justice Consultation
17 December 2013

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax to participate in a lecture series on the Free Movement of Persons
16 December 2013

Boat Refugees and Migrants at Sea - Integrating Maritime Security with Human Rights
13 December 2013

Professor Roger Cotterrell awarded Prize for Contributions to the Socio-Legal Community
13 December 2013

Video interview of Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal at the 2nd Annual Greek Public Policy Forum
13 December 2013

Call for children's charities, ISPs and the adult industry to work together to protect kids from online porn
13 December 2013
Children’s charities, parental support organisations, members of the UK's and US adult industry and major internet service providers  (ISPs) have committed to work together to ensure that better measures are introduced to help prevent youngsters being able to access hardcore pornography online.

Dr Ruth Fletcher spoke at a conference on Human Rights and Abortion Law Reform
13 December 2013

Professor McConville and Dr Bryson: A guide to interviewing
11 December 2013
Professor Sean Mcconville and Dr Anna Bryson have written a guide book on interviewing. The pair have extensive experience of conducting interviews with people from all walks of life from political offenders to homemakers who have been involved in the Irish Peace Process.

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal interview with El Cronista on distress debt litigation
11 December 2013

Rights against democracy - recalling International Human Rights Day
10 December 2013
Human ‘rights’ have emerged progressively, over centuries. They have transformed millennia of thinking about politics, culture and law. They paint a portrait of individuals as, by nature, equal holders of inalienable rights. (Many protagonists have countered with notions of group rights, but those remain controversial in theory and practice.)   

Jonathan Griffiths spoke at a conference on 'Making Cultural Heritage Mobile'
9 December 2013

Professor Janet Dine at the Sustainable Companies Project conference at the University of Oslo
6 December 2013

Layers of Meaning: Is the interview a tool for Peace-Building?
6 December 2013
One of the most ambitious and innovative projects ever to address conflict and peace-building in Northern Ireland was celebrated at the Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast on Thursday 5 December.

Listen to the podcast from the Energy Law Lecture by Andrew Clarke 'The Energy Outlook and Life as an In-house Lawyer'
4 December 2013

Kate Malleson chaired a lecture by recently retired Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge
4 December 2013

Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice speaks at a Conference in Honour of Professor Krzysztof Skubiszewski
3 December 2013

Professor Philip Rawlings to chair a discussion on the insurance industry at Cass Business School
3 December 2013

November 2013

QM Law Alumna wins best Assistant/Associate Solicitor category in the British Legal Awards 2013
29 November 2013

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax chairs a workshop of the European Asylum Support Office
29 November 2013

Professor Loukas Mistelis gave keynote speech at Beijing Arbitration Commission (BAC) seminar
28 November 2013

Fourth Volume of the Queen Mary Law Journal is published
28 November 2013
The Queen Mary Law Society has published the fourth volume of the annual Queen Mary Law Journal (QMLJ). This edition includes submissions from students on various legal topics including contract law, judicial review and the fundamental rights of irregular migrants in the European Union.

Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice speaks on Rio Declaration of Environment and Development, Geneva
28 November 2013

Dr Gaetano Dimita to speak on Interactive Entertainment Law at Goldsmiths
26 November 2013

Professor Rosa Lastra co-organised 'Future of Banking Regulation and Supervision in the EU' at European Central Bank
25 November 2013

Dr Prakash Shah to discuss 'teaching legal anthropology' at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Germany
25 November 2013

Dr Maxi Scherer is appointed to the executive board of the International Centre for Dispute Resolution's under-40 group
25 November 2013

Dr Maxi Scherer is new co-chair of the German Arbitration Institution's young practitioners' group
25 November 2013

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal's book 'Legal Aspects of Sovereign Debt Restructuring' launched in China
25 November 2013

Professor Roger Cotterrell invited to St Petersburg State University, Russia for a conference on Polish-Russian jurist Leon Petrazycki
22 November 2013

Norah Gallagher spoke at the Arbitration Ireland Conference
22 November 2013

From hunger strikes to bombings: new book offers first-hand accounts of 20th-century Irish political prisoners
20 November 2013
Irish Political Prisoners 1920-1962: Pilgrimage of Desolation is the second volume of a trilogy by Seán McConville, a professor in Law and Public Policy at Queen Mary University of London.

Law professor joins European Commission panel to increase take-up trust in cloud computing contracts
20 November 2013
Ian Walden, Professor of Information and Communications Law at Queen Mary University of London, has been appointed to a new group set up by the European Commission (EC) to boost consumer trust in cloud computing.

Preiskel and Co essay competition offers QM students chance to win an internship
18 November 2013
Preiskel & Co, a leading technology, media and telecommunications law firm, has teamed up with Queen Mary to run a prize essay competition for postgraduate students.

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas to participate in the Law, Justice and Development Week 2013 at the World Bank
18 November 2013

Queen Mary Postgraduate Law Scholarship Winners 2013
18 November 2013

Professor Eric Heinze to speak at Wolfson College, Oxford
16 November 2013

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax speaks at workshop for refugee protection at Senate House
16 November 2013

Professor Eric Heinze delivers a guest lecture at the University of Surrey
15 November 2013

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax chairs a panel discussion on refugee law and human rights
15 November 2013

Professor Guido Westkamp to give the opening lecture for Intellectual Property programme at the SS Cyril and Methodius University in Macedonia
11 November 2013

On the heart in the body politic: Professor Geraldine Van Bueren reviews Martha Nussbaum's 'Political Emotions'
11 November 2013

Professor Spyros Maniatis in the FT: Patent wars fuel growth of jobs in IP Law
10 November 2013

Professor Richard Ashcroft appointed Trustee and Governor of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
8 November 2013

Renmin University and Queen Mary Collaborate in the field of Criminal Justice
6 November 2013
In the first of a series of collaborative projects between the criminal justice centres of Renmin University and Queen Mary, University of London, a joint conference on Policy and Criminal Justice: How to meet the challenges of organized crime in the context of globalization was held in Beijing on 25-26 October.

Travel Scholarships announced for comparative criminal justice and policing research in Australia
5 November 2013
Criminal Justice Centre cooperation with the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, which is hosted by Griffith University in Queensland, has led to the establishment of two Discretionary Travel Scholarships to support student mobility for eligible masters students undertaking studies at Queen Mary University of London in the fields of comparative criminal law, criminology and security.

Free legal advice offer to Tech City
4 November 2013
A new free legal advice service has been launched for east London digital companies by Queen Mary University of London as part of National Pro Bono Week (4-8 Nov).

Dr Paul Gragl on Edward Snowden and extradition
1 November 2013

October 2013

Celebration for Professor Sir Roy Goode’s 80th Birthday
30 October 2013

Professor Matthews speaks to Polish patent attorneys on prospects for the EU Unitary Patent Package
29 October 2013

Professor Eric Heinze to speak at ELSA Conference on Online Hate Speech
29 October 2013

Dr Ben Yong on BBC Viewpoints: Is coalition politics here to stay?
29 October 2013

Jonathan Griffiths's co-edited book 'Concepts of Property in Intellectual Property Law' is published
28 October 2013

PODCAST: Costa Concordia Trial - Legal Implications - Shipping Law expert Dr Tina Loverdou
28 October 2013

The Freshfields arbitration lecture 2013
28 October 2013

Dr Maksymilian Del Mar awarded prestigious fellowship
27 October 2013

School of Law welcomes Former Lord Justice of Appeal and Arbitration and an expert in Ethics
23 October 2013

Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas at American Bar Association summit on International Legal Education
22 October 2013

Dr Costanza Russo spoke at Symposium on Bank Recovery and Resolution in Europe
21 October 2013

Dr Violeta Moreno-Lax delivers paper on Climate Migrants at the University of Macedonia
19 October 2013

Norah Gallagher teaches postgraduate course at the University of New South Wales
18 October 2013

Professor Mitsilegas to give keynote on the future of Eurojust
14 October 2013

Professor Matthews welcomes Chinese delegation to London
11 October 2013

Law professor turns to theatre to highlight the human rights abuses committed by global businesses
9 October 2013
A series of thought-provoking plays, aimed at raising the awareness of the controversial issue of human abuses carried out by international businesses working in developing countries, will be premiered across the UK.

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas participated at a conference on Energy Challenges in the Asia-Pacific
7 October 2013

Meet a QM Law academic in Tokyo, 25 October 2013
7 October 2013

General Counsel of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York presents CCLS / Bank of England Seminar
7 October 2013
Thomas C Baxter Jr, General Counsel of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York spoke about the work of the New York Federal bank in building a more stable financial system.

Dr Maksymilian Del Mar’s co-edited book ‘The Anxiety of the Jurist’ is published
4 October 2013

QM Law student co-edits book on 'Parliament and the Law'
3 October 2013

Amber Marks presents 'The role of science in the courtroom' at Canadian Provincial Court Judges conference
3 October 2013

September 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas to speak at the Executive Training Programme for Young Energy Leaders
30 September 2013

CLSGC announces winner of 2013 Legal Theory Essay Competition
26 September 2013

Professor Eric Heinze to speak at a discussion on hate speech and the role of the media
25 September 2013

Peace Process Project report on 'Mixed Marriages: From Hurt to Hope'
25 September 2013

What are you reading? Criminologist reviews book by QM's Amber Marks
19 September 2013

Professor Stavros Brekoulakis appointed Rapporteur for the ICCA-QMUL Task force on Third-Party Funding in International Arbitration
16 September 2013

Professor Matthews speaks on the new realities of the intellectual property system
12 September 2013

Queen Mary Banking and Finance experts discuss the ‘Liability of the Arranger in a Syndicated Loan’ with Japanese Scholars
9 September 2013

Professor Julian Lew QC gave the LLM in Paris opening lecture on “Regulation and Control of International Transactions”
9 September 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas invited to act as Chair at the 14th annual conference on Emerging Research in Human Rights
5 September 2013

August 2013

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal to speak at International Insolvency Conference 2013
30 August 2013

Dr Jessie Hohmann's book on Housing Law is shortlisted for Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship 2013
23 August 2013

QM PhD student interviewed for a report on Beijing's investigation into pharmaceutical Sanofi
14 August 2013

Dr Maksymilian Del Mar to lecture on 'The Contribution and Legacy of Neil MacCormick' at Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada
14 August 2013

Overall Satisfaction 94 per cent amongst Law Students at Queen Mary
13 August 2013

CCLS Professors Hörnle and Mistelis giving open guest lectures in Singapore in August
12 August 2013

Professor Maher Dabbah: Video Interview on The relationship between competition authorities and sector regulators
8 August 2013

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal: Vulture funds battle Argentina in US court
8 August 2013

Professor Julian Lew's co-edited book 'Aribtration in England and Wales with chapters on Scotland and Ireland' has been published
7 August 2013

Derya Bayir (GLOCUL): Minorities in Turkey
7 August 2013

Merris Amos interviewed on relationship between UK and ECHR
1 August 2013

July 2013

Professor Kate Malleson 'If not now for a woman Lord Chief Justice, when?' in The Times
19 July 2013

Professor Eric Heinze to speak at Journal of Comparative Law Workshop on 25 July
19 July 2013

Queen Mary PhD student awarded ‘Modern Law Review Scholarship’ for Refugee Law Studies
18 July 2013

Global Antitrust Review (GAR) - Call for Submissions
17 July 2013

Law Summer Graduation and Prize Winners 2013
16 July 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC to take part in Oxford Union debate “This House Believes University Education is a Right, Not a Privilege” on 31 October 2013
15 July 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas presented his research at St Gallen University School of Law, Switzerland
15 July 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC 'Making Waves: Should boat-race protestor Trenton Oldfield be deported?' Times Higher Education
12 July 2013

Professor Julia Hornle discusses 'Revenge Porn' BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour on Monday 15 July
12 July 2013

QM Legal Advice Centre Video - The rise of pro bono justice
11 July 2013

Professor Ian Walden: London-based privacy group files suit over American, British surveillance programs -Washington Post
9 July 2013

Professor Ian Walden: 'Is Spying On Other European States Illegal?' in Social Europe Journal
8 July 2013

Queen Mary and Humboldt University students present their research in Cybercrime Seminar
2 July 2013

June 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen on 'ISP Liabilities and Remedies' at ATRIP
28 June 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen '3D objects and IP Discrimination' at Intellectual Property Symposium
28 June 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas interviewed for his new book on Climate Change and International Trade
26 June 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen 'Design Law for Developing Countries' at WIPO / CEIPI / INPI Advanced Training Course
24 June 2013

Professor Julia Hörnle on Sky News: Child abuse and the internet: What role should ISPs play?
20 June 2013

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal and Dr Costanza Russo - Banking Law Symposium: Who Wants Big Banks?
19 June 2013

Professor Loukas Mistelis spoke at the 'Common European Sales Law Meets Reality - A European Debate on the Commission's Proposal' in Germany on 14-15 June 2013
19 June 2013

Law PhD student blog: A Proposal for a Code of Legislative Standards?
18 June 2013

Professor Julia Hörnle on BBC Radio 4's 'Law in Action' - Internet Companies' Terms of Service
13 June 2013

Dr Costanza Russo to speak at an International Symposium on Investment Law, British Columbia, Canada
13 June 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen presented on 'New EU Directive on Orphan Works 2012' at International IP Congress
13 June 2013

Professor Eric Heinze to speak at the Centre on Human Rights in Conflict workshop on Law, Faith and Historical Memory, UEL
11 June 2013

Dr Miriam Goldby's book Electronic Documents in Maritime Trade: Law and Practice is due out in July
11 June 2013

Understanding how businesses are using the cloud - Professor Ian Walden in live panel discussion
11 June 2013

Dr Miriam Goldby participated in United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) session and experts working group
10 June 2013

Dr Christiana HJI Panayi's new book 'European Union Corporate Tax Law' is published
7 June 2013

Dr Costanza Russo: Video interview on 'The New Course of EU State Aid Rules During the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis'
5 June 2013

Professor Eric Heinze: Video interview on 'Where be his quiddities now - Law and Language in Hamlet'
5 June 2013

QM is ranked 6th in the UK to study Law in Guardian University Guide 2014
4 June 2013

Dr Christiana HJI Panayi: The EU's Financial Transactions Tax and the burden of deeper tax integration
3 June 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC to chair the UCL / Bindmans Debate on International human rights breaches on 19 June
3 June 2013

Professor Stavros Brekoulakis appointed as the newest professor at The School of International Arbitration
3 June 2013

May 2013

Norah Gallagher spoke at the International Energy Arbitration Conference
30 May 2013

Lee Buchheit - guest lecturer on QM LLM programme - featured in the Financial Times
29 May 2013

Professor David Schiff and Professor Richard Nobles to chair sessions at the Law and Society Association Conference in Boston 30 May - 2 June
29 May 2013

Professor Peter Drahos' book The Global Governance of Knowledge: Patent Offices and their Clients is translated into Chinese
24 May 2013

Professor Eric Heinze spoke at the 'Law and Boundaries' Annual International Conference, Sciences Po Paris
24 May 2013

Dr Gaetano Dimita spoke at the 'The St Petersburg International Legal Forum' in Russia
22 May 2013

QM Peace Process Project's new publication captures memories from The Balmoral Show
17 May 2013

Professor Rosa Lastra has organised the financial law panels at the WTO Conference 2013
10 May 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas participated in the training program on global energy at the Energy Charter Secretariat, Belgium
8 May 2013

Launch of “Out of Adversity” Film by Peace Process Project
8 May 2013

Dr Maxi Scherer to speak at 'Unilateral jurisdiction and arbitration clauses - valid or not?' seminar at BIICL
7 May 2013

Professor Rosa Lastra co-organising a seminar on the Future of Financial Regulation at the Bank of England on 17 May
7 May 2013

Queen Mary law student societies and legal advice centre join forces to raise money for London Legal Support Trust
2 May 2013

Interview with Julie Pinborough, Manager of QM’s award-winning Legal Advice Centre (LAC)
2 May 2013

Dr Jessie Hohmann to speak on 'Making a Claim, Making a Person? Investigating the Role of Human Rights Claims in Human Personhood' at Lancaster University on 13 May
1 May 2013

April 2013

Financial Law and Regulation - June Events
30 April 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas presented his book, Climate Change and International Trade at Euroscience Open Forum 2012
30 April 2013

Dr Maks Del Mar awarded Leverhulme Research Fellowship to study the late Sir Neil MacCormick
29 April 2013

Professor Kenneth Armstrong: Multi-Speed Europe: Enhanced Cooperation or Increased Litigation?
29 April 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren QC - Fees: A human rights issue
25 April 2013

Dr Costanza Russo chairs panel on 'The Politics of Regulatory Reforms' at King's College
24 April 2013

Dr Costanza Russo to present at 'Mitigating the impact of the Economic Crisis in Europe by legal regulations' ELSA conference on 26-27 April
24 April 2013

Survey reveals businesses increasingly seek out specialist legal advisors to tackle a rise in international disputes
23 April 2013

New LLM programme in Energy and Natural Resources Law launched at QM
22 April 2013

Professor Eric Heinze spoke at the 'Law and the Senses' Conference, University of Westminster
22 April 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas, featured speaker at the World Trade Institute, Switzerland
18 April 2013

Dr Prakash Shah discusses caste-based discrimination and the Equality Act on BBC Radio 4
17 April 2013

Queen Mary student appointed Editor-in-Chief to UK Law Students' Review
12 April 2013

Professor Rosa Lastra voted ‘Postgraduate Supervisor of the Year’ in QM Student Union Awards
8 April 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas to speak on EU-China trade relations at the Institut Francais des relations internationales, Paris
8 April 2013

QM Research Seminar Series Award for Best Presentation
8 April 2013

QM's Undergraduate Moot Competition - George Hinde Moot Final 2013
8 April 2013

Professor William Wilson: 'It's time to review our laws' Justice Akamba
5 April 2013

Legal Theory and Legal History Essay Competition 2013
2 April 2013

Art and Drama Workshops help to develop Students' Legal Reasoning Skills
2 April 2013

March 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen to speak at the American Bar Associations 28th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference
26 March 2013

Professor Rodrigo Olivares-Caminal's co-edited book 'Financial Crisis Containment and Government Guarantees' is published
25 March 2013

Third Volume of the Queen Mary Law Journal is Published
22 March 2013

First year student wins a Mini-Pupillage at Blackstone Chambers
18 March 2013

QM advice centre offering free legal support to the armed forces nominated for top awards
18 March 2013

Professor Duncan Matthews spoke at the Boundaries of Intellectual Property in Life Sciences conference in Basel
15 March 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen's co-edited book 'A Shifting Empire: 100 Years of the Copyright Act 1911' is published
11 March 2013

Dr Jessie Hohmann's book 'The Right to Housing Law, Concepts, Possibilities' is published
4 March 2013

Norah Gallagher spoke at CIArb, Dublin
4 March 2013

February 2013

Double success as law professors appointed as honorary QCs
28 February 2013

Leading light in construction of post-Apartheid South Africa launches Human Rights Collegium at Queen Mary
28 February 2013

Jonathan Moss, Fishburns LLP, gives guest lecture on 'Piracy, will insurers meet the costs?'
26 February 2013

Queen Mary Pro Bono Society Secures Placements at International Law Firms
25 February 2013

Law and Economics Yearly Review - Part 2 is Published
22 February 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas' book Climate Change and International Trade is published
22 February 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas to speak at the Second African International Economic Law Network conference, 7-8 March 2013, South Africa
22 February 2013

Professor Duncan Matthews on IP and the role of NGOs in promoting access to medicines in developing countries
22 February 2013

Professor Duncan Matthews spoke on IP and Human Rights at the AU Washington College of Law
21 February 2013

Dr Maxi Scherer on 'The EU-Russia energy relationship: the effect of the Yukos case and proceedings' at the Research Centre for Energy Management
18 February 2013

Professor Tridimas to address the Transatlantic Law Forum on the Eurozone crisis at George Mason University, USA
15 February 2013

Dr Del Mar's co-edited book 'The Moral Imagination the Legal Life: Beyond Text in Legal Education' is published
15 February 2013

Professor Geraldine Van Bueren to speak on 'Are Human Rights Selfish' at Kellogg College, Oxford
13 February 2013

LLM in Paris wins Franco-British Lawyers' Prize
8 February 2013

Professor Lizzie Barmes appointed co-chair of the Equality and Diversity Forum Research Network
4 February 2013

January 2013

Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice to give a series of lectures on Environmental and Public International Law in Paris
31 January 2013

Speak to the Law Marketing Manager at the 'Salon Spécial Masters, mastères et MBA', Paris on 8-9 February
31 January 2013

Queen Mary introduces new LLM in International Shipping Law
30 January 2013

Dr Rafael Leal-Arcas to speak on the global energy governance
29 January 2013

School of International Arbitration nominated for Transnational Dispute Management Award
28 January 2013

Professor Uma Suthersanen to present a paper at the ABA Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference
24 January 2013

Dr Andromachi Georgosouli presents a paper at the Bank of England Conference ‘The Future of Regulatory Data Analytics’
24 January 2013

Dr Maxi Scherer spoke at the 4th Hague Prize Colloquium on International Law ‘Recognition in Private International Law’
23 January 2013

Intellectual Property Annual Prize Winners
17 January 2013

Watch the video of Professor Christopher Millard speaking at Dell 'In the Clouds Think Tank' event
14 January 2013

New LLM in Paris programme opens with lecture by Professor Sir Roy Goode
9 January 2013

Law PhD student presents a chapter on the House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitution at the Study Parliament Group annual weekend at Oxford
8 January 2013

Professor Lastra gives evidence to the House of Lords and to the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards on Banking Reform in the EU and UK
4 January 2013

Professor Nobles and Professor Schiff's new book 'Observing Law through Systems Theory' is published
4 January 2013

Professor Rosa Lastra on 'In the Balance: Banking Black Hole' BBC World Service
3 January 2013

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