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CCDM112 Multiparty Negotiation and Mediation

  • Run: Yearly (September - December)
  • Rating: 22.5 credits
  • Assessment: : 5,000 word research paper (75%); online practical exercise (25%)

Module aims:

The module discusses and teaches matters of strategy, skill, legality, ethics and legitimacy in the use of different approaches to conflict resolution.
All lawyers, irrespective of their specialty, must negotiate – both in deal making and in dispute resolution. In the modern, globalizing world, this frequently means engaging in complex relationships involving multiple parties and many issues at stake. 

The module will familiarise with legal issues and practical skills essential for multi-party negotiations and mediations.

Module outline:

The module focuses on complex, multi-party negotiations and disputes that can be managed and resolved through the combination of basic processes (negotiation, mediation, arbitration) and more complex ones, such as consensus building, reg-neg or med-arb.  The module starts with a review of basic negotiation theory and skills.

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