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QLLM095 Intellectual Property and the Creative Industries (45 credits) *Module to be withdrawn and replaced with alternative single semester teaching modules for the academic year 2017/18

Module Description

I Creative industries: an Overview

  • Who are the creative industries?
  • Economic contribution, impact on GDP and employment.

II Mapping the legal context

  • The relevant IP rights and the legal instruments supporting them.

Part 2 – A Closer Look at the Creative Industries

III Music

  • The different players involved
  • Rights granted under copyright to authors, performers and producers
  • Relevant trade marks aspects
  • Protection of authors under international treaties (Berne, TRIPS, WCT)
  • Protection of performers and phonogram producers (Rome, Geneva, TRIPS and WPPT)
  • The artist, manager and record company: the contractual relationships.
  • Distribution of content: physical and digital markets
  • Collective management of rights: Authors, performers and producers’ societies
  • Cross border licensing
  • Emerging issues in the online market: potential new business models for content exploitation.

IV Film

  • Major players in the film creation process
  • Film production process
  • Financing issues
  • Distribution and exploitation issues.
  • Online exploitation and recent developments in licensing transactions.

V Publishing

  • Key players in the publishing industry: author, agent and the publishing house.
  • Relevant rights: copyright, trademarks and passing off issues.
  • The publishing contract.
  • Online libraries: the Google Books Library Project.

VI Miscellaneous: Advertising, Fashion, Photography

  • Collective management and collecting societies.
  • Issues in the protection of fashion designs under copyright, trademark, design rights and unfair competition.
  • The protection and exploitation of personality rights in the global arena.

Part 3 – Current Issues and Challenges

VII The Protection of Digital Content

  • Online exploitation of music, film and books
  • Technological protection measures and rights management information
  • Licensing transactions and emerging business models.

VIII Digital Piracy and Online Enforcement

  • Internet service providers: role, liability rules and legislative developments relating to online content filtering.
  • Enforcement against end users.

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment 

3 hour written examination paper


45 Credits

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