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QLLM154 International Regulation and Governance of Energy (Sem 2)

QLLM100 EU Immigration Law (Sem 1)

QLLM101 EU Criminal Law (Sem 2)

QLLM138 General Principles of Insurance Law (Sem 1)

QLLM139 Insurance Regulation (Sem 2)

QLLM141 Insurance Contracts (Sem 1)

QLLM142 Reinsurance Law (Sem 2)

QLLM150 Strategic Decision Making for Lawyers (Sem 1)

QLLM151 Negotiation Theory and Practice (Sem 2)

QLLM152 International Energy Transactions (Sem 1)

QLLM153 International Arbitration and Energy (Sem 2)

QLLM155 Principles of Regulation (Sem 1)

QLLM162 Intellectual Property Taxation (Sem 2)

QLLM163 Value Added Tax (Sem 2)

QLLM164 Elements of Islamic Law (Sem 1)

QLLM165 Islamic Finance and Commercial Law (Sem 2)

QLLM167 Indigenous Rights Selected Issues in Practice and Theory (Sem 1)

QLLM168 International Law and Indigenous Peoples (Sem 2)

QLLM169 Punishment in England 1750-1950 (Sem 1)

QLLM170 Cultural Diversity and Law (Sem 1)

QLLM172 Comparative Immigration and Nationality Law (Sem 2)

QLLM173 Terrorism and Human Rights Constitutional Perspectives (Sem 1)

QLLM174 Migration, Security and Human Rights (Sem 2)

QLLM176 International Refugee Law (Sem 1)

QLLM177 International Migration Law (Sem 1)

QLLM181 Legal Aspects of Paperless Trade (Sem 2)

QLLM182 / QLLG006 Charterparties Law and Practice (Sem 1)

QLLM183 / QLLG005 Protection and Indemnity Clubs Law and Practice (Sem 1)

QLLM187 International Investment Law (Sem 1)

QLLM188 Regulation of International Investment and Public Policy (Sem 2)

QLLM190 EU Healthcare law Rights, Policies and Instruments (Sem 1)

QLLM191 Competition and Regulation in EU Healthcare Markets (Sem 2)

QLLM192 Market Integration and Regulation in the European Internal Market (Sem 1)

QLLM193 Free Movement of Persons in the European Union (Sem 2)

QLLM195 Transfer Pricing (Sem 1)

QLLM300 / QLLG001 Marine Insurance Law (Sem 2)

QLLM301 / QLLG003 Maritime Arbitration (Sem 2)

QLLM302 / QLLG004 Carriage of Goods (Sem 1)

QLLM303 / QLLG002 Wet Shipping Law Collisions and Other Incidents at Sea (Sem 2)

QLLM304 Mining and Natural Resources (Sem 2)

QLLM305 Cartels, Collusion and Competition Law (Sem 1)

QLLM306 Competition enforcement From investigation to sanctions (Sem 2)

QLLM307 Economics of Competition Law (Sem 1)

QLLM310 Compliance in Global Markets (Sem 2)

QLLM311 Policing in Local and Global Contexts (Sem 1)

QLLM312 Comparative Criminal Justice (Sem 2)

QLLM313 Criminal Justice and Surveillance Technologies (Sem 2)

QLLM314 Transnational Law and Governance (Sem 1)

QLLM315 Transnational Law and Governance in Practice (Sem 2)

QLLM316 Chinese Business Law (Sem 1)

QLLM317 Competition and the State: EU State Aid Law (Sem 1)

QLLM318 Competition and the State: Regulation of public services in the EU (Sem 2)

QLLM319 The Regulation of the Health Professions in the UK (Sem 1)

QLLM320 The Regulation of the Health Systems in the UK (Sem 2)

QLLM321 Ethics of Migration and Asylum (Sem 1)

QLLM322 Admiralty Law (Sem 1)

QLLM323 State Crime (Sem 2)

QLLM324 Comparative Contract Law (Sem 2)

QLLM326 The Law of the European Convention on Human Rights (Sem 1)

QLLM327 European Union Human Rights Law (Sem 2)

QLLM328 Digital Intellectual Property Law (Sem 1)

QLLM329 Informational Technology Transactions (Sem 2)

QLLM330 Comparative Copyright Law (Sem 2)

QLLM331 International Copyright: International Treaties and Cross-Border Litigation (Sem 1)

QLLM332 Comparative Law of Patents and Trade Secrets (Sem 1)

QLLM333 International Law of Patents and Related Rights (Sem 2)

QLLM334 Licensing Intellectual Property (Sem 1)

QLLM335 Intellectual Property and Fashion: Art and Design (Sem 1)

QLLM336 Intellectual Property and Fashion: Business and Law (Sem 2)

QLLM337 Design and Intellectual Property: EU and US (Sem 2)

QLLM338 International and Comparative Law of Unfair Competition (Sem 1)

QLLM339 The Law of Registered Trade Marks (Sem 2)

QLLM340 Global Intellectual Property: Fundamental Principles (Sem 1)

QLLM341 Global Intellectual Property: Technology and Policy (Sem 2)

QLLM342 Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law (Sem 1)

QLLM343 Interactive Entertainment Law: Contracts and Regulation (Sem 2)

QLLM344 The Law of Film (Sem 1)

QLLM345 The Business of Film (Sem 2)

QLLM346 EU Copyright Law (Sem 2)

QLLM347 The Law of Geographical Indications (GIs) (Sem 2)

QLLM348 Music Industry Contracts (Sem 2)

QLLM349 Transnational Mooting (Sem 1)

QLLM350 Electronic Disclosure in Legal Disputes (Sem 1)

QLLM351 Cybercrime: Substantive Offences (Sem 1)

QLLM352 Cybercrime: International Co-operation and Digital Investigations (Sem 2)

QLLM353 EU Data Protection Law (Sem 1)

QLLM354 Information Security and the Law (Sem 2)

QLLM355 Celebrity Privacy, the Media and the Law (Sem 1)

QLLM356 Chinese Taxation (Sem 2)

QLLM357 Chinese Banking and Finance Law (Sem 2)

QLLM358 Cyberspace Law: Internet Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution (Sem 1)

QLLM359 Cyberspace Law: Protecting the Online Persona: Digital Rights in Cyberspace (Sem 1)

QLLM360 Banking Law: International (Sem 1)

QLLM361 Banking Law (Sem 2)

QLLM362 International Finance Law (Sem 1)

QLLM363 International Finance Law Applied (Sem 2)

QLLM364 Law and Finance in Emerging Economies (Sem 1)

QLLM365 Legal Aspects of Financing Development (Sem 2)

QLLM366 Regulation of Financial Markets (Sem 1)

QLLM367 International Financial Regulation (Sem 2)

QLLM368 Corporate Rescue and Cross-border Insolvency (Sem 1)

QLLM369 Financial Distress and Debt Restructuring (Sem 2)

QLLM370 WTO Law: Market Access and Non-Discrimination (Sem 1)

QLLM371 WTO Law: Trade Remedies and Regulatory Issues (Sem 2)

QLLM372 Corporate Finance Law (Sem 1)

QLLM373 Mergers and Acquisitions (M and As) (Sem 2)

QLLM374 Law and Ethics in Finance (Sem 1)

QLLM375 Corporate Governance and Responsibility in Finance (Sem 2)

QLLM376 International Economic Law (Sem 1)

QLLM377 EU Financial and Monetary Law (Sem 1)

QLLM378 Securities Regulation (Sem 2)

QLLM379 Energy Law: Renewable and Nuclear (Sem 2)

QLLM380 Energy Economics: A Legal Perspective (Sem 1)

QLLM381 Energy Economics: Applied Analysis (Sem 2)

QLLM382 Energy Law and Ethics (Sem 1)

QLLM383 / QLLG008 International Regulation of Shipping (Sem 1)

QLLM384 Law of the Sea, Navigational Freedoms and Practice (Sem 2)

QLLM385 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Theory and Context (Sem 1)

QLLM386 Alternative Dispute Resolution: Selected Issues (Sem 2)

QLLM387 International Trade and Investment Law of the EU (Sem 2)

QLLM388 Trade, Climate Change and Energy: EU and International Perspectives (Sem 2)

QLLM389 Copyright and Trademark in China (Sem 1)

QLLM390 Patent and Design in China (Sem 2)

QLLM391 International Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution (Sem 1)

QLLM392 International Commercial Arbitration (Sem 1)

QLLM393 International Arbitration Law and Practice I: Theory and Context (Sem 1)

QLLM394 International Arbitration Law and Practice II: Selected Issues (Sem 2)

QLLM395 International Commercial Litigation (Sem 1)

QLLM396 Commercial Conflicts of Laws (Sem 2)

QLLM397 Investment Treaty Arbitration (Sem 1)

QLLM398 Investment Arbitration: Substantive Protection (Sem 2)

QLLM400 United States Energy Law, Regulation and Policy (Sem 1)

QLLM401 Art and Governance (Sem 1)

QLLM402 Art Transactions (Sem 1)

QLLM403 Art, Cultural values and Ethics (Sem 1)

QLLM404 Art and Money (Sem 2)

QLLM405 Art and Intellectual Property Law (Sem 2)

QLLM406 Art Disputes and Their Resolution (Sem 2)

QLLM407 Entrepreneurship Law Clinic (Sem 2)

QLLM408 Telecommunications Policy Law and Practice (Sem 1)

QLLM409 European and International Telecommunications Law (Sem 2)

QLLM410 Media Law (Sem 1)

QLLM411 Media Regulation and Media Law (Sem 2)

QLLM412 E-Commerce Transactions (Sem 1)

QLLM413 E-Commerce Regulation (Sem 2)

QLLM414 Competition Law, Intellectual Property and Innovation (Sem 2)

QLLM415 IP and Business (Sem 1)

QLLM416 IP and Business Advanced Topics (Sem 2)

QLLM417 IP Creative Industries 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM418 IP and the Creative Industries 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM419 International Commercial Law (Sem 1)

QLLM420 Ethics in International Arbitration (Sem 2)

QLLM421 Multinational Enterprises 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM422 Multinational Enterprises 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM423 Principles of Taxation (Sem 1)

QLLM424 International Tax Law (Sem 1)

QLLM425 International Tax Law Advanced Topics (Sem 2)

QLLM426 UK Taxation (Sem 1)

QLLM427 UK Business Taxation (Sem 1)

QLLM428 UK Taxation of Corporate Finance (Sem 2)

QLLM429 US International Taxation (Sem 1)

QLLM430 US International Taxation Advanced Topics (Sem 2)

QLLM431 EU Corporate Tax Law (Sem 2)

QLLM432 UK Taxation of Savings and Wealth (Sem 2)

QLLM433 Public International and European Air Transport Law (Sem 1)

QLLM434 Private International and European Air Transport Law (Sem 2)

QLLM435 Energy Law Development, Decommissioning and Waste Management (Sem 2)

QLLM436 Law of Economic Crime 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM437 Law of Economic Crime 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM438 Company Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM439 Company Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM440 Corporate Governance 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM441 Corporate Governance 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM442 International Natural Resources 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM443 International Natural Resources 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM444 International Law and Governance of the Polar Regions (Sem 2)

QLLM445 International Environmental Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM446 International Environmental Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM447 Law of Treaties 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM448 Law of Treaties 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM449 EU Environmental Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM450 EU Environmental Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM451 Introduction to the International Law of the Sea: Ocean governance and jurisdictional zones

QLLM452 Advanced Issues in the Law of the Sea: Uses of the Oceans and Functional Regimes

QLLM453 Principles of Medical Jurisprudence (Sem 1)

QLLM454 Topics in Medical Jurisprudence (Sem 2)

QLLM455 Mental Health Law: The Mental Capacity Act (Sem 1)

QLLM456 Mental Health Law: The Mental Health Act (Sem 1)

QLLM457 New Medical Technologies and the Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM458 New Medical Technologies and the Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM459 Advanced Medical Negligence 1 (Sem 2)

QLLM460 Advanced Medical Negligence 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM461 International Competition Law (Sem 1)

QLLM462 Comparative Competition Law (Sem 2)

QLLM463 European Union Competition Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM464 European Union Competition Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM465 International Merger Control 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM466 International Merger Control 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM467 Human Rights of Women 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM468 Human Rights of Women 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM469 International and Comparative Social Justice 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM470 International and Comparative Social Justice 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM471 International Child Rights 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM472 International Child Rights 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM473 Use of Force in International Law (Sem 1)

QLLM474 Conduct of Hostilities in International Law (Sem 2)

QLLM475 Principles of International Criminal Law (Sem 1)

QLLM476 Enforcement of International Criminal Law (Sem 2)

QLLM477 Law in Asia (Sem 1)

QLLM478 International Human Rights Law 1 (Sem 1)

QLLM479 International Human Rights Law 2 (Sem 2)

QLLM480 Compliance Systems in Practice (Sem 1)

QLLM481 Animal Law and Welfare (Sem 1)

QLLM482 Globalisation and the Law: Corporations, International Trade and Foreign Investment

QLLM483 Common Law Reasoning: Key Issues and Debates

QLLM484 Critical Jurisprudence (Sem 1)

QLLM485 Central Problems in Jurisprudence: Between Law and Normativity (Sem 2)

QLLM486 Migration Asylum Law Through Practice (Sem 2)

QLLM487 Artificial Intelligence Robotics and the Law (Sem 2)

QLLM488 United States Federal Law and Practice (Sem 1)

QLLM489 US State Law and Practice (Sem 2)

QLLM490 Climate Change Law and Policy: Framework (Sem 1)

QLLM491 Climate Change Law and Policy: Application (Sem 2)

QLLM492 Tax System Design and Policy in Emerging Economies

QLLM493 Intellectual Property Dispute Resolution (Sem 2)

QLLM494 Agriculture Trade Intellectual Property (Sem 2)

QLLM495 Visual Rhetoric for Lawyers (Sem 2)

QLLM496 International Oil and Gas Laws in the Energy Transition (Sem 1)

x CCLE021 International Macroeconomics for Lawyers (Sem 1)

x CCLE030 Accounting for Lawyers (Sem 1)

x CCLE032 Derivatives in the Legal Context (Sem 2)

x CCLE033 Risk Management in Law (Sem 1)

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