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QLLM113 Jurisprudence B (Sem 2)

Must be taken with Jurisprudence A

Module Description

This module focuses principally on sociological approaches to law. It will begin by considering the dominant conceptual approaches to studying law, taking the 20th century examples of Hart and Kelsen. It will then move the focus from theories of law as such, to theories which engage with law from an understanding of modern society. The works of Durkheim, Weber, and Luhmann will be considered with a view to appreciating what they can tell us about the nature of law within modern society. The third section of the course will examine the relevance of sociological approaches to the legal practice, transnational law, and legal reform. The last section will consider the basis of claims that there is a political obligation to obey law.

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

2 x 3750 word course essays


22.5 Credits

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