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QLLM181 Legal Aspects of Paperless Trade (Sem 2) (Not running 2018-19)

Module Description:

The module will examine the legal implications of forming and performing international sale contracts using electronic records and communications in place of paper. While the formation of such contracts using electronic means is supported by a maturing legal framework, the law relating to the use of documents used regularly in the performance of such contracts, including transport document such as bills of lading and sea waybills, as well as insurance policies and certificates, is still firmly anchored to the paper world. Thus, eliminating paper is not as simple or straightforward as it might at first seem and this course will address attendant legal issues and implications in depth. The module will also examine in detail common financial arrangements entered into by international traders for the purpose of the buying and selling of goods across borders.

Module Aims:

The module will aim at establishing a sound understanding of the legal implications of replacing paper with electronic alternatives in the cross-border sale of goods between businesses. It will also provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to go further into depth in their independent exploration of the subject matter.

Applicable Groupings:

  • LLM in Commercial and Corporate Law
  • LLM in International Business Law
  • LLM in International Shipping Law
  • Laws (General)
  • LLM Flexible Study.

Mode of Assessment:

2.15 hour written examination


22.5 Credits

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