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QLLM184 US Comparative Corporate Law (Sem 1)

Module Description:

This module is designed to provide students with an overview of some of the most pressing issues in company law with a specific focus on US corporate law. Topics covered will include theories of corporate governance, board governance and directors duties, shareholder rights, enforcement of corporate law, takeovers and insider trading. It will examine US regulatory approaches to these issues and analyse and evaluate these efforts at regulation.

Module Aims:

  • This module will provide students with a knowledge of the most current issues in corporate law facing the world and examine US approaches to resolving these issues. It will further provide the contextual background to the development of these issues
  • The module will enable students to familiarise themselves with current regulatory principles on these issues and the policy considerations influencing the nature of the regulation
  • By canvassing the advantages and disadvantages of current regulatory approaches, students will be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of particular forms of US regulation in achieving desired policy objectives
  • By providing a detailed and systematic knowledge of these issues, students will be able to propose, investigate, and develop suggestions for reform of existing regulatory principles in both jurisdictions
  • More generally, the module will enable students to engage in a detailed evaluation and assessment of corporate laws in the US

Applicable Groupings:

Mode of Assessment:

7,500 word course essay


22.5 Credits

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