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QLLM308 Civil Enforcement of Intellectual Property (Sem 1)

Module Description

The way in which countries permit the holders of intellectual property to enforce their rights is gaining increasing focus for policy makers especially as there may be limited interest by states in providing effective private enforcement mechanisms. Importantly many practical issues have to be dealt with by claimants before obtaining a successful decision. This module deals with the international policy and recognition of obtaining and enforcing civil orders. It includes a focus on the UK to discuss the nuts and bolts relevant to bringing successful IP actions and obtaining remedies. Lastly the module will look to other jurisdictions to understand a comparative approach to bringing such actions.


  • Provide students with a sound understanding of the essential principles of the enforcement of private rights in the UK;
  • Provide students with a detailed understanding of the international obligations on states to provide effective means of enforcement of private IP rights;
  • Provide students with a comparative understanding of the enforcement of IP rights in other major jurisdictions particularly the USA and China;

Applicable Groupings

Mode of Assessment

7,500 word course essay


22.5 Credits

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