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QLLM315 Transnational Law and Governance in Practice (Sem 2)

Module Description

The central question this module continues to be; how Transnational law will impact on the future of law making, supervision and enforcement of rules in globalised world of transnational business and markets.  

The second part of this course will take into consideration a set of case studies from different areas of law to provide examples of how governance can be conducted in a globalised world. This course will provide only a snapshot of the governance issues which exist in the different areas. The analysis of transnational law case studies can effect the intervention of policy makers and market actors.

Module Aims

The course aims to outline the challenges posed by transnational law and will seek to provide students with an understanding of how transnational law operates in a globalised world. Transnational law can also influence regulation policies. The  focus will not be on the resulting regulation policy and laws, but on the role of transnational law in a globalised world.

This will be accomplished through the examination of  case studies in the following legal fields:

  • Financial law
  • Competition Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Investment
  • Energy
  • Human Rights
  • Transnational Crime

Finally students will be invited to discuss the future of governance models and mechanisms.

Applicable Programmes

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour final exam


22.5 Credits

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