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QLLM326 The Law of the European Convention on Human Rights (Sem 1)

Module description

This module concerns the legal mechanisms for protecting human rights at the level of the European Convention on Human Rights. Following a brief introduction to the philosophical motivations for protecting human rights, and some historical background, students will examine the procedures in place at the Council of Europe level and consider possible reforms. Students will also examine substantive human rights law, detailed consideration will be given to the right to life (Art.2), freedom from torture (Art.3), the right to respect for private life (Art.8), freedom of religion (Art.9) and freedom of expression (Art.10). Problem questions will be solved utilising Convention case law, and critiques made of current jurisprudence. The course will conclude with an assessment of the European system as compared to the legal protection of human rights at the national level.



Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in European Law
  • LLM in Human Rights Law
  • Laws (General)
  • LLM Flexible Study.

Mode of Assessment

2 x 2,500 word course essays


22.5 Credits

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