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QLLM355 Celebrity Privacy, the Media and the Law (Sem 1)

Module description

This course examines the various privacy regimes in English law used by celebrities.

It explores the tension between the elements that protect such privacy – which are identical to those which should work for the public generally if individuals had the money to fund such litigation – and those which permit intrusion.

That tension generally manifests itself as a conflict between the information individuals who are the targets of media interest wish to keep private and that which the press and the media wish to comment upon, expose and publish.

In summary it will deal with:

  • The key concepts of celebrity, privacy and proportionality.
  • Breach of confidence.
  • Misuse of private information: the protected right.
  • Misuse of private information: permitted interference.
  • Copyright and image rights as privacy remedies.
  • Protection from harassment.
  • Data protection: core principles and s.13 damages.
  • Data protection: Charter Article 8, Google Spain, the IC's role and s.32 DPA.
  • Freedom of Information and media research: constitutional and Parliamentary issues.
  • Defamation Act 2013: history, changes and adjustments to existing law, developing case law.
  • "Open Justice" and the English judicial system: transparency, access, restrictions, proportionality and mismatch with FOIA.



Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in Human Rights Law
  • LLM in Media Law
  • Laws (General)
  • LLM Flexible Study.

Mode of Assessment

2 x 2,500 word course essays


22.5 Credits

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