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QLLM451 Introduction to the International Law of the Sea: Ocean governance and jurisdictional zones (Sem 1)

Cannot also take QLLM383/QLLM384

Module description

The module provides a critical introduction to the international law of the sea. It examines, the history and the decision-making processes amongst States that led to the adoption of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the main sources - particularly treaties and custom, the institutional arrangements and international legal framework for governance of the world’s oceans, and the zonal regime of maritime zones that constitute the foundational basis of the international law of the sea.


  1. Oceans Governance, Actors and Sources of the International Law of the Sea
  2. 1982 UNCLOS: its History (incl. the process of codification) and Institutional Framework
  3. Baselines: Normal and Straight; Internal Waters (and ports) and Territorial Sea Limits
  4. Territorial Sea and Contiguous Zone
  5. The Exclusive Economic Zone
  6. The High Seas
  7. The Continental Shelf: Legal Status and Limits
  8. The Deep sea-bed Area: Introduction to the Common Heritage of Mankind Principle and the International Sea-bed Authority (ISA); Exploration and exploitation of Offshore Oil and Gas Resources
  9. Islands and Archipelagic States
  10. Delimitation



Applicable Groupings

  • LLM in Public International Law
  • LLM in Environmental Law
  • Laws (General)
  • LLM Flexible Study.

Mode of Assessment

2.15 hour written examination


22.5 credits

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