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QLLM146 Law and Economics II

This module is for students on the LLM in Law and Economics programme only.

Module Description

This module introduces LLM Law and Economics students with Economic analysis on the study of private and public law. The course will applies the tools of economic theory to the analysis of legal rules and institutions.

This module introduces concepts in Economics at a level that is appropriate for students in the programme. The first part of the module introduces the student to basic understanding of what the Economic Analysis of Law is. The focus eventually turns to specifying economic efficiency in a legal context. Then externalities and strategic behaviour is analysed within a legal context.

Tools and basic models in Microeconomics will be examined within a legal framework. Through the course analysis, students will develop a thorough understanding of the economic reasoning behind regulations. Specific applications are used to analyse actual situations and explore different possible solutions using economic models.

The aim of the module is to empower the student to evaluate the legal systems from an economic theory perspective. From the module, the students should become competent to engage in basic economic analysis followed by application of  those economic models to support legal analysis and decision.


Module Grouping

LLM in Law and Economics

Mode of Assessment

Two hour written examination

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