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LLM Scholarships 2018

  • Course: LLM programmes as listed (except those specified)
  • Number: 10
  • Value: 10 x £10K tuition fee waiver
  • Available for full time study only

Which LLM programmes are eligible?

10 partial LLM scholarships (partial tuition fee waivers for 5 x Home/EU students and 5 x International students) from the School of Law for the following LLM programmes:

What do the scholarships cover? How are they paid?

The LLM scholarships cover the partial cost of tuition only in the form of a fee waiver; the scholarships do not cover additional course costs (books etc.) or accommodation fees. Scholarships are not payable directly to successful applicants but are off set against your student fee invoice. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, the submitted personal statement in response to the set question as detailed in the application, and in some cases, financial need and professional/extracurricular achievements.

Closing Dates and Important Notes

You must have an offer of study for the LLM before you apply for a scholarship.

Apply early for the LLM

Apply for the LLM as early as possible and no later than 19 February 2018. Students who have not submitted their complete LLM application by this date will not be considered for funding.  If you have missing documents in your application it will not be considered in time for scholarship consideration. It is acceptable to apply if you have not yet taken your English language test or do not have your final academic grades.

If you will also be applying for scholarship funding, all applications for the LLM must be submitted online.

Funding deadline

The deadline for submission of the scholarships application is 19 March 2018 by 16.00 hrs GMT - students must have an offer of study (either conditional or unconditional) for the LLM before applying for funding.

Therefore, any student who has applied for the LLM Programme by 19 February 2018 and has not received an LLM offer of study by 13 March 2018 should contact (not the admissions team) and quote the date of application and their application number in order for us to look into this.

What are scholarship winners required to do?

If you are awarded an LLM scholarship you may be asked to assist the Law Marketing Team with marketing activities such as the postgraduate law open evenings and student profiles and videos.

Please note School scholarships are also subject to university-wide Terms and Conditions as well as any course/School/Faculty conditions or criteria outline.

How to apply for the LLM Scholarships

You must have a full time offer of study in place before you can apply for LLM funding. You will be required to apply for the scholarship via our online application link. You must submit the following documents with your online application:

  • 1000 word (maximum) statement in response to the following;
    ‘Please explain why you want to study for an LLM at Queen Mary University of London, specifying the area of law and the modules you have a particular interest in. What you will bring to the programme and why you feel you should be awarded a scholarship; focusing on your academic and professional achievements (if relevant) and financial need.
  • Transcripts of your law degree and any other legal qualifications. Please submit relevant, translated copies only.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 1 x Reference letter (This can be a copy of the reference submitted as part of your LLM application or, if not available to you, you must obtain a reference specifically for this scholarship application). Please do not submit more than one reference letter.

You will need to complete the online application form and submit ALL required documents by following this link LLM Scholarships applications 2018/19.

Please ensure you complete ALL relevant sections when required correctly and that you submit the required documents in ONE PDF document when prompted.

Incomplete, incorrect or late scholarship applications will NOT be accepted or processed.

Upon submission of your scholarship application you will be re-directed to a page which will state ‘Your response has been recorded’. There is no need to contact us to request further confirmation so please do not do so.

You will be notified of the outcome of your scholarship application by the beginning of June 2018. Please wait to be contacted in this regard.


The LLM Scholarships are open to applicants who have an offer of study on the full-time LLM only and are not open to those with an offer on the part-time LLM Programme.

You will be restricted to modules available within the LLM programme for which you have an offer of study. Please see the LLM programme list for further information on modules available within your specialist programme area.

If you have applied for funding elsewhere and are successful in receiving such funding you must inform us immediately. In the event that you are awarded funding elsewhere we will withdraw your application. If you are awarded one of our LLM scholarships and are then awarded funding elsewhere the offer of being awarded our School of Law LLM scholarship will be withdrawn.

Please note that scholarships cannot be deferred.


The scholarship will be awarded to those who we deem to have successfully demonstrated their reasoning for being awarded a scholarship based on the following criteria;

  • Academic merit
  • Professional achievements (if any)
  • Financial need

The compulsory personal statement should include all of the above information and should be in response to the text as detailed in the ‘How to apply for the LLM Scholarships’ section above.

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