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LLM in Economic Regulation

The LLM in Economic Regulation programme is concerned with theoretical and practical issues involved with the legal regulation of private international economic processes. The various modules within the programme allow students to analyse the role of law in economic globalisation and privatisation.

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On the application form you will be applying for entry to your chosen LLM programme. All individual module choices will be finalised after enrolment and induction. You will have a two-week induction and a full week of teaching before making your selection to enable you to make an informed final choice.

Taught Modules

To specialise in this area, you must select 90 credits of modules from this list and do your compulsory dissertation in the same field of law (45 credits). The additional 45 credits of taught modules can be in this area or can be unrelated and therefore selected from the full list of LLM available modules.

All modules are 45 credits unless otherwise stated below.

Note: Not all of the modules listed will be available in any one year. Any modules not available in the forthcoming academic session will be marked as soon as this information is confirmed by teaching academics.

Teachers contributing to this programme include:

Athikarn Bell Dilogwathana, Thailand


LLM Economic Regulation, 2009-10

"Before studying at Queen Mary, University of London, I did my specialist degree in Law at Voronezh State University, Russia. During my last year in Russia, I thought about doing the LLM in England. I was awarded a scholarship by the Thai Government and I decided to focus on Economic Regulation.

I am deeply impressed by the LLM programme, offering wide and flexible chances for students to choose which modules are suitable for them. Moreover, students here are able to access all the materials and classes which they deem necessary. The lecturers here have lots of experience and many of them are practitioners which puts our studies into a practical context. Direct contact with lecturers makes our classes more interesting, especially with Dr Gabriel Gari who always encourages us to do further research into relevant areas.

Besides the academic aspects, I have found that studying in QMUL has given me an opportunity to build a great social network, as the programme provide us a lot of social events throughout the year. Even though the LLM students here are from amazing different backgrounds, we all are able to both play and study hard together throughout the whole year. Upon completion of my degree, I plan to return and work in Thailand."

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