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LLM in Insurance Law

LLM in Insurance Law

Insurance is a key part of commercial law and practice. It is an enormous industry: in the UK it is second only to banking in terms of the number of employees and the revenues generated. London is one of the world’s leading centres for the industry, and, as well as hosting the head offices of many insurance companies, it is home to the Lloyd’s insurance market.

The LLM in Insurance Law was established by a leading expert in the field, Professor Philip Rawlings, with the aim of filling a significant gap in the current academic and professional training market. The programme will equip you with the knowledge, skills and practical tools needed to gain a thorough understanding of insurance law, practice and regulation.

Queen Mary University of London was the first UK university to offer a specialist LLM in Insurance Law. Insurance law modules have also proved popular among students taking other specialisms.


Insurance Law Institute

The Insurance Law Institute at Queen Mary was established in 2012 as part of the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) to support high quality teaching and research in all areas of Insurance Law.

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On the application form you will be applying for entry to your chosen LLM programme. All individual module choices will be finalised after enrolment and induction. You will have a two-week induction and a full week of teaching before making your selection to enable you to make an informed final choice.

An understanding of insurance and insurance law is a vital part of any lawyer's education. The influence of insurance can be seen in the way it shapes other areas of law by the simple fact that much litigation is, in effect, between insurance companies.
Professor Philip Rawlings, Programme Director
Miriam Goldby, Philip Rawlings, Jonathan Moss, Tina Loverdou
Miriam Goldby, Philip Rawlings, Jonathan Moss, Tina Loverdou


You may use the sample LLM timetable as a guide, but please be aware that times and venues may change.

Taught modules

To specialise in this area, you must select 90 credits of modules from this list and do your compulsory dissertation in the same field of law (45 credits). The additional 45 credits of taught modules can be in this area or can be unrelated and therefore selected from the full list of LLM available modules.

All modules are 45 credits unless otherwise stated below.

Note: Not all of the modules listed will be available in any one year. Any modules not available in the forthcoming academic session will be marked as soon as this information is confirmed by teaching academics.

Teachers contributing to this programme include:

Queen Mary staff

External staff

  • Kevin Lazarus, Solicitor at Lloyd's of London
  • Julian Burling, Barrister and Counsel to Lloyd's from 1995-2010, joint editor Research Handbook on International Insurance Law and Regulation

Pelin Erkut, Turkey

Pelin Erkut

LLM in Insurance Law, 2012-13

I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Law Faculty with a first class honours degree in law and worked as a junior associate in a law firm which mainly handles insurance and reinsurance matters. My previous studies aroused my curiosity for insurance law which is one of the most interesting and intriguing disciplines of law. I also realised that a further education programme in London, which is the centre of the insurance world, would significantly enhance my contribution and enable me to increase my knowledge. I have found that the new LLM programme in Insurance Law fits my targets precisely, playing a key role in my ongoing professional development. During this programme, I have attended various insurance lectures including insurance contracts, insurance regulation, marine insurance and reinsurance which which are all given by the most well-known and respected scholars. I also had the opportunity to meet many practitioners as guest speakers, which helped me to become familiar with the practice of insurance law both in the sui generis London market and in the international context. Today, I significantly believe that studying at Queen Mary will give me new opportunities to deepen my understanding of major contemporary issues in insurance law, to see the ongoing situation from a broader perspective and to create correct strategies in the long run. I trust that the valuable information and skills I have gained from my LLM in insurance law will enable me to increase my knowledge as a life-long learner.

Salomé Santos

Salomé Santos

LLM in Insurance Law 2012-13

I concluded my Law degree at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Portugal, and started working as an In-House Lawyer in the Legal Department of one of the 10 leading cement companies of the world. Underlying my decision to relocate to London and conclude an LLM at Queen Mary, University of London was my interest in an international experience, underpinned by my motivation to specialise in Insurance Law. Queen Mary provides a new and unique LLM in this field of Law; hence, becoming a founding member of the recently created Insurance Law Institute (ILI) within Queen Mary’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) represented a new challenge for me.

London is the heart of insurance business, and the present moment is a great opportunity to study in this area of law considering the recent legislative changes in insurance contract law and insurance regulation. Queen Mary offers lectures with extremely reputable and well known academics that will give a practical perspective on the market. Furthermore, the ILI also organizes conferences and events for students which greatly contribute to the understanding of this complex and unpredictable business. Classes held at CCLS are also a good opportunity to interact with experts.

I believe studying at Queen Mary in the centre of a multicultural city such as London will broaden my identity as a professional and as a person and will most definitely contribute to develop my cross-cultural communications skills and awareness of other backgrounds. I am convinced that my LLM in Insurance Law will give me the know-how and expertise to pursue a career in this area of business whilst still abroad.

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