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LLM in Media Law

The LLM in Media Law at Queen Mary University of London allows students the opportunity to gain expertise in a range of legal regimes governing key aspects of the media, from the regulation of all key forms of media content to the regulation of the infrastructures via which that content is delivered, including traditional, new and still-developing media.

In an age of seemingly infinite broadcast channels, online information at our fingertips, and the ever-increasing economic and cultural significance of the entertainment industry, media law has never been more relevant to our daily lives than it is today.

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On the application form you will be applying for entry to your chosen LLM programme. All individual module choices will be finalised after enrolment and induction. You will have a two-week induction and a full week of teaching before making your selection to enable you to make an informed final choice.

What is Media Law?

Media law is the study of the regulation of the media, whether in traditional print form, the broadcast media, or in the online arena. Increasingly, media regulations must be, and are being, adapted to take account of new technological developments as the dividing line between online media and traditional forms becomes less pronounced.

Taught Modules

To specialise in this area, you must select 90 credits of modules from this list and do your compulsory dissertation in the same field of law (45 credits). The additional 45 credits of taught modules can be in this area or can be unrelated and therefore selected from the full list of LLM available modules.

All modules are 45 credits unless otherwise stated below.

Note: Not all of the modules listed will be available in any one year. Any modules not available in the forthcoming academic session will be marked as soon as this information is confirmed by teaching academics.

Teachers contributing to this programme include:

Linda B McElwee, Ireland

Linda B McElwee

LLM in Media Law, School of Law Scholarship Winner 2012-13

I completed my undergraduate studies in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, graduating with a degree in law and German. I chose Queen Mary based on the college’s great reputation, its ideal location, and the fact that the college offered the exact specialism I was looking for: media law.  Being offered a scholarship to study at this fantastic university is an absolute privilege.   

Specialising in Media Law does not just mean learning about more commonly associated aspects of the law such as freedom of speech! This is a really wide area with a lot of opportunity and Queen Mary is the perfect place to begin building a career in it.  Not only are you based in London (one of the media capitals of the world) but you are learning under the instruction of some of the leading academics in growing areas of law such as media and communications, privacy law, intellectual property law and IT law.  

The Centre for Commercial Law Studies, situated at Lincoln’s Inn Fields, offers great opportunities to its students to get involved in the faculty, both socially and from a research perspective: we have research initiatives in cloud computing and intellectual property to name only the first two that come to mind when speaking of media law. We have a Postgraduate Law Society, and a class rep position for each module which makes the college a really friendly place to be, where students are encouraged to be actively involved in the faculty. The facilities in the Centre are also fantastic, not to mention that we have access to a number of university of London libraries around the city, as well as those on the various QM campuses; no matter where you live, you will always have a study space to go to. As well as this, we take part in a media law moot court each year which deals with privacy and freedom of expression issues under the UDHR. Also this year an essay competition was launched and the winner will have the chance to complete an internship in a major telecommunications law firm in the city. There is ample opportunity to build a career in media law from the foundations provided by this course, and I am very glad I decided to come to Queen Mary.

Shibumi Raje, India

Shibumi Raje

LLM in Media Law 2011-12

Before I came to Queen Mary I was studying LLB at ILS Law College, Pune in India. I wanted to specialise in Media Law and since it was not a taught subject in my LLB course, I decided to undertake postgraduate study. QMUL is one of the very few colleges in the world to offer Media Law, the specialisation I was looking to pursue, and I was honoured to be chosen to be awarded the Centre for Commercial Law Studies Scholarship. Apart from this, the rankings speak for the college. In hindsight, not coming here would have been a mistake, I’m glad I took it up! QMUL has been incredibly supportive and made studying in the UK an enjoyable and beneficial experience. The legal events are interesting and excellent for networking. The Postgraduate Law Society, a new development, has made some amazing progress and will definitely benefit the prospective students QMUL will attract. London, when the weather is not acting up, is a beautiful place to stay and study in. There is always something to do, something to see! Also London, much like QMUL is a cultural melting pot and that’s what makes living here so enjoyable.

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