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Criminal Justice Centre Podcasts

Where next for Bayes? Can we agree on the role of Bayesian reasoning in Criminal Justice? 7 December 2011

Podcasts and brief report on the first meeting of the Bayes and Law network 

Criminal Justice Centre: The Extradition Review Team Debate - "The Future for UK Extradition" 23 November

The Extradition Review Team Debate podcasts

Criminal Justice Centre Conference 9 June 2011

'The Future of Expert Evidence' podcasts
Never before has expert evidence found itself on shakier ground. Legal practitioners are questioning its value, scholars its character, the Law Commission its admissibility and the courts its parameters. Who are lawyers to judge science and how might they do it? What is the future of expert evidence?

Symposium on Neoliberal Penality on 7 October 2009

  • Podcast: Introduction to the CJC Symposium by Dr Leonidas Cheliotis [mp3 6MB]
  • Podcast: Loic Wacquant [mp3 24MB ]
    Loic Wacquant, University of California-Berkeley & Centre de sociologie européenne-Paris discussed his latest books:
    Punishing the Poor: The Neoliberal Government of Social Insecurity, (Duke University Press, 2009) and Prisons of Poverty, (University of Minnesota Press, 2009)

'For Safety’s Sake’- Inaugural Conference for Criminal Justice Centre

Lincoln’s Inn, 1 May 2008

  • Podcast: Introduction to the inaugral conference [mp3 83MB] - David Ormerod
  • Podcast: Part 1 of the inaugral conference [mp3 37MB]
  • Podcast: Part 2 of the inaugral conference [mp3 83MB]


David Ormerod – Intro
Patrick O’Connor – QC
Prof Graham Zellick – Criminal Cases Review Conv
Prof Peter Duff – Scots Law
Professors David Schiff – QMUL, Richard Nobles – QMUL
Lord Justice Anthony Hughes, Vice President of the Court of Appeal, Criminal Division

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