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The Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (CLSGC)

The Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context (CLSGC) is a home for multidisciplinary research into the global dimensions of law and society. 


We regularly host workshops, seminars and conferences. In 2016-17 we are running a seminar series on global jurists, many new book symposia, several half-day workshops and a series of ad hoc seminars. Everyone is welcome.

Our aims

At its core, the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context aims to work towards a better theorisation of law in its changing social contexts, exploring the challenges posed for this endeavour by law’s increasingly important global dimensions. We conceive this as an open collaborative project, welcoming the insights of socio-legal and doctrinal scholars working in any area of law. We understand ‘global context’ broadly, encompassing transnational, international, regional, supra-state, and (where relevant) sub-state phenomena. We aim to combine both contemporary and historical approaches, recognising that the global dimension of law and society is, in many respects, not a new phenomenon. We undertake collaborative research and supervise postgraduate research. 


Queen Mary University of London is home to the UK IVR International Association of Legal and Social Philosophy, UK Branch

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