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Aaron Hudson-Tyreman

 Aaron Hudson-Tyreman

Research Topic: Mediation methodology, ADR, Regulatory and Policy making mechanisms, Psychological Profiling

Postgraduate Research Student

Thesis title: 

'Traits' of the Commercial Mediator (working title)


Professor Loukas Mistelis

Summary of research:

This research was conceived to identify the psychological traits inherent in practising commercial mediators across the UK. The methodology is designed to elicit a point in time profile that aims to contribute to a greater understanding of practice and future training needs within one of the main developing areas of the legal process. Utilising the psychometric tool ORPHEUS this research is a reflection of the lack of empirical data in one of the contentious areas of debate within the field of mediation.


Aaron Hudson-Tyreman was admitted to the Bar in 2006, and obtained postgraduate law degrees in the area of law in 2004, 05, 06 and 2010 respectively. From 1988 to 2000 he gained considerable leadership experience as an Officer in the British Army. During this period he saw active service in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Kosovo. Since leaving the services he has gained recognition as a conscientious and committed professional who continues to bring forward thinking through thought leadership. He has very quickly moved from Senior lecturer status to Assistant Director of the prestigious Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, Kings College London. Having won numerous awards and scholarships he has maintained a commitment to publishing works that are recognised as having a strong public interest focus. As a public speaker he has developed a reputation for clear thinking and delivery whilst sharing the platform with high profile and well-respected practitioners in the legal field. His concurrent contributions to judicial publications have cemented his standing as a reliable and focused individual prepared to work within time-limited research projects. As Director of Research and Development of a global organisation he has lead on the challenging development of global governance and the restructuring of the organisations regulatory provision. This work has led to his influence in the field of regulation of secondary professional practice and as a leading contributor to the research development within the Civil Mediation Council (CMC). He has recently been awarded a prestigious scholarship towards his PhD research at Queen Mary, University of London.


  • 2012 AD Hudson-Tyreman, Regulating the discord; when we can't agree to agree, (Under Review)
  • 2012 AD Hudson-Tyreman, Defining and ADR Nation, (Under Review)
  • 2010 AD Hudson-Tyreman & JC Betancourt, The Basics of ADR in Sport, ADR in Sport, BASL
  • 2009 AD Hudson-Tyreman, Lord Justice Jackson: Counting the Cost, The Resolver Dispute Resolution News, August Edition, London
  • 2009 AD Hudson-Tyreman, An Island Influenced: Defining characteristics of mediation in England, 2nd Annual Mediation Symposium: From Small Acorns, CIArb, London
  • 2009 AD Hudson-Tyreman, All at Sea with the good ship mediator or Judges as Mediators, 2nd Annual  Mediation Symposium: From Small Acorns, CIArb, London
  • 2009 AD Hudson-Tyreman, Don't Bet the Farm: Confidentiality and Farm Assist, The Resolver Dispute Resolution News, May Edition, London
  • 2009 JC Betancourt & AD Hudson-Tyreman, Where and when to Mediate, 2nd Annual Mediation Symposium: From Small Acorns, CIArb, London
  • 2007 AD Hudson-Tyreman, Pushed, Pulled, Encouraged; The TCC and Mediation, The Construction Law Journal, Sweet and Maxwell, London
  • 2006 Dr CA Gorse, M Bates, AD Hudson-Tyreman, Practicalities of Delay Analysis: Retrospective Analysis, ARCOM Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 22nd Annual Conference, University of Central England, Birmingham. 4th-6th Sept 2006.
  • 2005 Dr CA Gorse, Prof R Ellis, AD Hudson-Tyreman (2005) Prospective delay analysis and adjudication, ARCOM Association of Researchers in Construction Management, 21st Annual Conference. London, University of Salford, 7th-9th September 2005.


  • 2010 Research Team Leader: Mediating Construction Disputes, An Evaluation of Existing Practice, Kings College London & Technology and Construction Court, London
  • 2010 Researcher: Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Final Report (2010) TSO, London
  • 2009 Researcher: Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Preliminary Report (2009) TSO, London
  • 2007 Research Assistant: 'The Use of Mediation in Construction Disputes' Preliminary Report, The Centre of Construction Law and Dispute Resolution, Kings College London and The Technology and Construction Court.
  • 2001 Researcher: Mr B Blackburn OBE Former President of the Franco-British Lawyers   Society, (2nd Edition 'Solicitors Guide to Good Management' 2001)                      
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