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Franziska Arnold-Dwyer

 Franziska Arnold-Dwyer

Postgraduate Research Student


Thesis title: 

Insurable Interest in Indemnity Insurance: a Defence (provisional title)


Professor Philip Rawlings and Dr Miriam Goldby

Research abstract:

My thesis examines the doctrine of insurable interest and the current debate as to whether the doctrine is redundant.  I wish to show that the doctrine of insurable interest continues to play a vital role in relation to indemnity insurance and can be rationalized on two novel grounds: (1) as a doctrine integral to the structure of contracts of insurance and to other fundamental principles of insurance law; and (2) as a regulatory benchmark which (a) ensures that insurers operate within the scope of their authorization; (b) protects customers from being mis-sold unsuitable insurance products and (c) contributes to maintaining underwriting standards. ‚Äč

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