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Stuart Goosey

Graduate Teaching Assistant


Thesis Title

Age, equality and discrimination: constructing a moral framework to underpin and guide age equality law.


Professor Lizzie Barmes and Professor Kate Malleson.

Summary of Research

Legal interventions concerning age were once limited to setting minimum age limits for activities such as marriage, leaving education, paid employment, consuming alcohol or driving. But more recently the law has begun to engage with the problem of promoting fairness in relation to age and to prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, most recently in the Equality Act 2010. My thesis aims to clarify the process of applying age equality law by identifying the principles that ought to figure in determining whether the use of age distinctions and measures disadvantaging age groups are justifiable and when they are not (only the latter is considered unlawful in the Equality Act 2010). I draw on principles that explain when age discrimination is a moral problem and also identify principles to determine any usefulness or benefits of these practices that can work to justify them. The guidance will relate to applying the provisions of the EA 2010 in relation to the provisions concerning direct age discrimination and indirect age discrimination.


Stuart is a PhD Candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL). His previous degrees include an LLM at University College London and a BCL at Oxford University.

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