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2011 Law Working Papers

Series no.AuthorTitle
91-2011Lobban, MichaelLegal Theory and Judge-Made Law in England, 1850-1920
90-2011Drahos, PeterWhen Cosmology Meets Property: Indigenous Peoples’ Innovation and Intellectual Property
89-2011Armstrong, KennethThe Lisbon Agenda and Europe 2020: From the Governance of Coordination to the Coordination of Governance
88-2011Suthersanen, UmaFunction, Art and Fashion: Do We Need the EU Design Law?
87-2011Leal-Arcas, RafaelAlternative Architecture for Climate Change - Major Economies
86-2011Matthews, DuncanCounterfeiting and Public Health
85-2011Hon, Kuan W
Millard, Christopher
Data Export in Cloud Computing – How Can Personal Data Be Transferred Outside the EEA? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 4
84-2011Hon, Kuan W
Hörnle, Julia
Millard, Christopher
Data Protection Jurisdiction and Cloud Computing – When are Cloud Users and Providers Subject to EU Data Protection Law? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 3
83-2011Cheliotis, Leonidas KFor a Freudo-Marxist Critique of Social Domination: Rediscovering Erich Fromm Through the Mirror of Pierre Bourdieu
82-2011Cheliotis, LeonidasSuffering at the Hands of the State Conditions of Imprisonment and Prisoner Health in Contemporary Greece
81-2011Gilbar, RoyFamily Involvement, Indepednence and Patient Autonomy in Practice
80-2011Jacovella, LuceKnowledge for the Creation of Value; Intellectual Property Law and Makiguchi’s Theory of Value
79-2011Morris, CarolineFrom 'Arms, Malice, and Menacing' to the Courts: Disputed Elections and the Reform of the Election Petitions System
78-2011Leal-Arcas, RafaelProliferation of Regional Trade Agreements: Complementing or Supplanting Multilateralism?
77-2011Hon, Kuan
Millard, Christopher
Walden, Ian
Who is Responsible for 'Personal Data' in Cloud Computing? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 2
76-2011Drahos, PeterThe Intellectual Property Regime: Are There Lessons for Climate Change Negotiations?
75-2011Hon, Kuan
Millard, Christopher
Walden, Ian
The Problem of 'Personal Data' in Cloud Computing - What Information is Regulated? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 1
74-2011Walden, IanLaw Enforcement Access in a Cloud Environment
73-2011Matthews, DuncanPatents in the Global Economy
72-2010Lew, JulianIura Novit Curia and Due Process
71-2010Shah, PrakashA Reflection on the Shari’a Debate in Britain
70-2010Drahos, PeterSix Minutes to Midnight – Can Intellectual Property Save the World?
69-2010Morris, CarolineMisbehaving Members of Parliament and How to Deal with Them
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