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Dr Maria Ioannidou, LLB, LLM (Athens), MJur, DPhil (Oxon, Corpus Christi College)


Lecturer in Competition Law

Telephone: 02078822724
Room Number: Lincoln's Inn Fields


Dr Maria Ioannidou joined Queen Mary in September 2014 as a Lecturer in Competition Law. Before joining the Department of Law and the CCLS at Queen Mary, she lectured law at the School of Law, University of Surrey where she taught contract law, constitutional law, EU law and international competition law. She has also practiced law in Brussels and Athens.

Dr Ioannidou obtained her DPhil in EU competition law from the University of Oxford. She also holds an MPhil and MJur from the University of Oxford and an LLM and LLB from the University of Athens.   Her research focuses on the area of EU and UK competition law and in particular on the evaluation and improvement of current enforcement mechanisms. Apart from her main research interest, Maria has also conducted research on various issues relating to competition law enforcement and has recently published papers on EU merger control and international competition law. She has also undertaken empirical research on criminal and private competition law enforcement. Her monograph on consumer participation in competition law enforcement is forthcoming with Oxford University Press in 2015.

Undergraduate Teaching

LAW6048 Competition Law

Postgraduate Teaching

QLLM044 International and Comparative Competition Law


  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with J Nowag), ‘Between Object and Effect: Formulating a ‘Quick Effects Test’ for Minimum Resale Price Maintenance’ (status: submitted)
  • M Ioannidou, ‘Competition law enforcement and the rights of defence: efficiency versus fairness - signalling and incentives’ (working title) (status: under preparation)
  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with  A Reyna), ‘In search of a Euro - consumer: an exercise in EU identity building’ (working title) (status: under preparation)



  • M Ioannidou, Consumer Involvement in Private EU Competition Law Enforcement
    (OUP, forthcoming, 2015)


  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with A Ezrachi), The Internationalization of Competition Law and Policy: The Domestic Perspective (2014) 1 The Journal of International and Comparative Law 39
  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with A Ezrachi), ‘Buyer Power in European Union Merger Control’ (2014) 10 European Competition Journal 1
  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with V Brisimi), ‘Stand-alone damages actions: insights from Greece and Cyprus’ (2013) 34 European Competition Law Review 654

  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with A Ezrachi), ‘Public Compensation as a Complementary Mechanism to Damages Actions: from policy justifications to formal implementation’ (2012) 6 Journal of European Competition Law and Practice 536

  • M Ioannidou, ‘Reforming UK Competition Law Regime: The Consumer Perspective’ (2012) 11 Competition Law Journal 28
  • M Ioannidou, ‘Enhancing Consumers’ Role in EU Private Competition Law Enforcement: a Normative and Practical Approach ’ (2012) 8 Competition Law Review 59
  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with A Ezrachi), ‘Access to Justice in European Competition Law – Public Enforcement as a Supplementary Channel for “Corrective Compensation’ (2011) 19 (2) Asia Pacific Law Review 1

  • M Ioannidou (co-authored with V Brisimi), ‘Criminalising Cartels in Greece: a Tale of Hasty Developments and Shaky Grounds’ (2011) 34 World Competition 157

PhD Supervision

Dr Ioannidou welcomes proposals for postgraduate supervision in the fields of EU competition law, international competition law and EU consumer law.

Public Engagement

  • Issue Editor: Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (OUP)
  • Project co-ordinator: Journal of Antitrust Enforcement Agency Effectiveness Study

  • Member of the Centre for Competition Law and Policy, University of Oxford

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