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Dr Costanza Russo

Senior Lecturer in International Banking Law and Business Ethics

Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8102


Costanza Russo

Dr Costanza Russo is the Senior Lecturer in International Banking Law and Business Ethics at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London. She is also the Academic Director for the LLM in International Banking and Finance in Paris, France and the Co-Director of the Institute for Regulation and Ethics

Before moving to London she has held teaching and research positions at the Universities of Bologna and Trento, Italy; and Zurich, Switzerland.

With CCLS she lectures in the postgraduate modules in Banking Law, in EU Financial Law and in Ethics in Business and in Finance. Dr Russo is also module convenor for Legal Aspects of International Finance, Introduction to Insurance Regulation, Elements of Islamic Law and Islamic Finance and Commercial Law.

Dr Russo is also Visiting Lecturer at NYU Stern School of Business – London programme where she teaches in their Social Impact Core curriculum. She is also Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Commercial Law and Financial Regulation, University of Reading, UK. Until 2013, Dr Russo was visiting Lecturer at the University of Barcelona, Spain, where she taught Regulation of Financial Markets for their LLM programme.

She holds a Master Degree in Law and a PhD in Economics.  Before moving to Academia she was a qualified solicitor in Italy where she practiced in the areas of corporate and commercial law. Her main fields of expertise include cross border bank insolvency, international banking regulation and finance, company law, CSR and business ethics on which she has extensively presented and written on academic and practitioners journals.

Dr Russo is a member of the Institute of International Financial Law and the Insurance Law Institute at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies. 


Postgraduate teaching:


Her major research interests include regulation of bank resolution and insolvency, EU state aid in the financial sector, international banking, banking risks and CSR.


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  • Russo C., Bank Nationalizations of the 1930s in Italy: the IRI formula, in Theoretical Inquiries in Law, vol 13 Issue 2, 2012
  • Russo C., The UK and proposed EU bank resolution and recovery regimes: clash of the Titans?, in Corporate rescue and insolvency, 2012
  • Russo C.  Dalla crisi del debito privato a quella del debito pubblico, in Italianieuropei, 8/2012 [From banking to sovereign debt crisis]
  • Russo C. Commento sub artt. 94 - 95bis, in Commentario al testo unico della Finanza a cura di F. Vella, Giappichelli, Torino, 2012 [Commentary on art. 94-95bis -implementing the Prospectus Directive]
  • Russo C., Cosa sono e a cosa servono le living wills: luci e ombre della futura regolamentazione, in Banca Impresa Societa’, 3/2011 [What are Living wills really for? Lights and shadow of future regulations]
  • Russo C., Bail out plans: do they really envision State exit and bank repayments? A view from a competitive assessment perspective, in European Business Law Review, Issue 4, 2010
  • Russo C., The Legal Foundation of Free Markets, book review by Stephen Copp, in International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Issue 4, 2009
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  • Russo C., Le riforme della regolamentazione dei rischi bancari: un'analisi comparata del sistema statunitense e di quello europeo, in Analisi Giuridica dell'Economia, 2/2010, 561-585; [The regulation of banking risks: a comparative analysis of American and European reforms]
  • Guccione A.V., Russo C., L’arbitro Bancario e Finanziario, in Le nuove Leggi Civile Commentate, 3/2010, 475-521; [The Banking Ombudsmann]
  • Russo C., Commissione europea, aiuti di stato alle banche e diritto societario: una difficile convivenza, in Banca, Impresa, Società, 3/2009, 381-420; [EU Commission, state aid and company law: a difficult co-existence]
  • Russo C., La crisi della Northern Rock: un recente esempio di regulatory failure, in Banca, Impresa, Società, 2/2009, 241-267; [The Northern Rock crisis: a recent example of regulatory failure]
  • Russo C., Paese per paese come si salvano le banche, in Il Mondo sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi: Origini, Sviluppo, Responsabilità del Terremoto, book edited by Pellizzon L., Castelvecchi, Roma, 2009, 125-137; [How to save banks: a cross country comparison, at The world on the verge of a nervous breakdown: origins, development, responsibility of the financial earthquake]
  • Russo C., Cosi l’Italia aiuta le banche, in Il Mondo sull’orlo di una crisi di nervi: Origini, Sviluppo, Responsabilità del Terremoto, book edited Pellizzon L., Castelvecchi, Roma,  2009, 138-143; [How Italy bails banks out, ibidem]
  • Russo C., Il caso Parmalat tra tutela risarcitoria e conflitto di interessi del lead manager, in Giurisprudenza Commerciale, 6/07, 1248-1265; [The Parmalat case between investors’ protection and lead manager’s conflict of interests]
  • Russo C., Salvataggio banche: Europa divisa, ogni paese va per la sua strada, in “La Repubblica-Affari e Finanza” (italian newspaper), 17.11.08; [Banks’ bail out: EU divided, each Country takes its own way]

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Dr Costanza Russo, Leverhulme Lecturer in Banking Law at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary University of London video interview by FacultiMedia on 'The New Course of EU State Aid Rules During the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis'.

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