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Jihan Williams, Crown Counsel, St Kitts and Nevis

 Jihan Williams, Crown Counsel, St Kitts and Nevis

Chevening Scholar 2013-14, LLM in Intellectual Property Law

Owing to the historical and legal connection between my home country, St Kitts and Nevis, and the United Kingdom, I knew I wanted to pursue my masters in the heart of England. I have spent my life living and learning in the Caribbean (I studied at the University of the West Indies in Barbados and the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica) and wanted a different and more multinational perspective for my Master's. Of all the schools I researched, Queen Mary topped my list mainly because of its programme flexibility which allows you to choose modules from the most diverse and contemporary list of offerings that I came across. Even within my chosen area of Intellectual Property Law, QMUL's flexibility gave me the option to choose and mix modules that generally explored IP concepts or those that allow you to delve deeply into specific areas such as IP and medicine, the creative industries, trade, media, e-commerce, etc.

The professional backgrounds of the lecturers are also extremely impressive and their practical knowledge is evident in their teaching. They are also very approachable and responsive to students' needs and the same can be said about the support staff. Someone is always available and willing to help you. Working as an attorney for the Government of St Kitts and Nevis, it was important for me to tailor my LLM according to the specific needs of my country and my personal interests to ensure that my professional contributions on completion of LLM could be informed, relevant and immediate. I am further convinced that my experience at QMUL will be valuable due to the regular and varied opportunities for students to develop outside of academics through career and personal development, community involvement and volunteering and social interaction. Plus the city of London itself offers a myriad of opportunities for adventure, exploration, culture and entertainment no matter your taste or budget! As a proponent of holistic development and enriched experiences, I know that QMUL was the right choice for me. I am and will remain grateful to the UK Government and QMUL for the grant of scholarships which have afforded me this opportunity to develop in such a way that will redound to benefits to me, my country, the wider Caribbean and hopefully, the world.

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