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Charlotte Evans, LLB Law student: 

Having been a Student Ambassador for over a year, I have given numerous tours around the university and have consequently been asked a myriad of questions by prospective students. These range from the common, ‘What’s it like?’ to the more specialist such as, ‘Do they serve macaroni cheese in the Curve?’

14 July 2014

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Unfortunately, I had never eaten in the Curve, so I was unable to answer that particular question, however I felt it would be useful to answer some of these common questions applicants have about applying and to dispel some of the myths surrounding the study of Law.

1. Is Law 'really hard'?

Yes. But then, with A*A*A grades at A-Level, you will be no stranger to hard work. However, that is not to say you must spend every spare hour in the library. Yes, the reading, essays and revision are incredibly important, but there is plenty of time for you to get involved with other things within the Law School and still achieve highly. If you keep up with the reading and plan your time well, you will be absolutely fine.

2. When should I worry about applications?

It really depends on your long term career plans. If you have no idea, focus on your studies and wait until second year to apply for anything. Possibly apply for some work experience at home over the summer holidays if you can. If you know what you want to do, apply for first year open days with large firms, attend career fairs and research the profiles of junior employees to see what they did pre-employment.

3. Why did you choose QM and do you like it?

I chose Queen Mary because the Law School is highly regarded, has excellent teaching staff and has a wide range of extra-curricular activities that are fantastic preparation for future careers and employability. So far, it has not let me down. My advice would be to get involved with at least one activity in the Law School. I also chose QM for the campus – you get both a community atmosphere where everything is located in one place, which I’ve really valued, and you are only a tube journey away from all that London has to offer, both culturally and legally!

4. How do I find a house in second year and is it expensive?

Don't start looking for houses until at least June. Visit the housing fair and check out sites like The Naked Tenant. London living is expensive, especially the rent, so try and earn some money in the summer holiday if you can but as long as you budget well, order fewer takeaways and don’t mind not living in luxury, you will have no problems!

Overall, my advice would be not to over plan before starting the course. No one else will have studied Law before and no one will be more clued up than you at the start. The Law School is incredibly supportive and will do their utmost to guide you through your first year.



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