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Liuh-Jang Kwok, LLB Law student: 

I decided to come to Queen Mary because of its reputation for law, the campus lifestyle and the award-winning Legal Advice Centre. Since I arrived a few months ago, the School of Law has proved itself to be something special, but I have also found that there is much more to Queen Mary than I anticipated.

21 July 2014

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The Study of Law at Queen Mary involves a combination of lectures, tutorials and independent study. This provides me with the techniques to develop my own academic thinking. However, it is the weekly small group tutorial for each module that I thoroughly enjoy. In addition to the opportunity to raise questions about the concepts and ideas learned from lectures and reading material, tutorial classes reinforce my knowledge on a particular topic through discussions with students and tutors.

What I like most about studying here is the amount of internal and external resources and support offered to students. I find the tutors at Queen Mary approachable, experienced and knowledgeable. They are always willing to help and provide me with thoughtful advice and feedback, which is vital for my study. The support from the Graduate Student Advisors (GSAs) is also invaluable. The GSAs hold regular workshops on topics ranging from study skills, to exam techniques, as well as career and CV advice.

It is no secret that studying law is demanding. Having completed the first few months of law school, I have realised the importance of developing my own consistent ways of note-taking, reading and revising large amounts of content. With this in mind, I believe that self-discipline, self-motivation and persistence are of significant importance when studying for a law degree. Having a good work-life balance makes the life of any student more enjoyable.

Queen Mary School of Law offers many societies and activities for its students. I have joined the Law Society and Bar Society as they both offer various activities, networking events and workshops that will give me further insight into a legal career. Queen Mary Students' Union also has a wide range of clubs and societies to suit all interests. Despite the realisation that I might have to sacrifice some social time in order to keep up with the heavy workload, I am still thoroughly enjoying my time at law school because this is what I have always dreamed of doing.



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