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The study of the Law: How bad can it be?

Emily Millgate, LLB Law student: 

Students ready and raring to delve into the wonders of their degree have one misconception; that the transition from A-levels to a Law degree is not as difficult as one might suspect. I wish that were the case.

2 September 2014

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The pressures of a Law degree come in many different forms; from large quantities of reading to tight essay deadlines. Just because you were the top of the class throughout your sixth form or college life, may not be the case when you come to university. You will be surrounded by some of the brightest students. It is a falsity to believe that with this degree, consuming vast amounts of information is sufficient to succeed. You need to think differently, be original and have analytical flair when assessing the law.

Now, reading this, you are probably thinking that the study of law is a downward spiral of misery and suffering. That it not the case. Students need the necessary exposure to understand that a degree such as this is not easy. However, if you know you have the ability to succeed and you have the determination, this is the degree for you. Students think they will be in a continuous state of stress for the rest of their life. Your degree does not last forever. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

So what does one need to do in order to succeed? This is a question that plays on every law student’s mind. The first thing you should do is to write down what you want to achieve this year. Stick it on your wall as a constant reminder that you are working towards this end goal.

Trying out new revision techniques is also very important. With exposure to different styles of revising, if one can establish a technique that works effectively for you, then the huge law folders sitting in your bedroom do not seem so intimidating.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough is that you cannot let the pressures of this degree get to you. Think about it, all those hours stressing are hours you could have been doing work. Don’t get me wrong, I have many bouts of stress but then I come to the realisation that if you just take it easy and have a break, one feels so much better. Having a good work to life balance is crucial. University is the place to master it.

Never suffer in silence. Students tend to forget that everyone else on their course is going through the same thing. You may think that they have no idea what pressure you are under and yet they are the ones who understand the most.

The study of the law is rigorous, stressful and involves a lot of coffee. But that does not matter. Enjoy what you learn and have the willpower to work harder when you stumble across barriers in your path to success.



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