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M102 LLB (Hons) Law with a Year in Hong Kong (four years)

The LLB with a Year in Hong Kong follows the same course structure as the LLB English and European Law: the first two years are spent at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), the third is a year at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and the final year is back with us at QMUL. The third year of the programme is spent as an exchange student in the Faculty of Law at HKU, where you follow a programme of legal study (tuition is in English). This will provide you with a global perspective, which is appealing to employers, as well as promoting personal growth and development.
You should apply directly through UCAS onto the LLB M100 programme and you will have the opportunity to apply to this programme during your second year.

The fees for the third year of the programme are significantly lower, with Home/EU students paying 15 per cent of the usual cost and Overseas students responsible for 50 per cent tuition fees.

Kerala Drew was our first student on the pilot of the programme, she tells us a little more about her experience:

"I was the first Queen Mary law student to go on exchange at the University of Hong Kong. It has been an amazing experience, and without using too many clichés, one I definitely will not forget. Hong Kong is a great place to study; it’s a vibrant mix of East meets West, with a fantastic climate, and surprisingly, great beaches! Particularly if you are thinking of applying to work as a solicitor, I see it as highly beneficial programme to apply for, given that many large firms are now moving into Asia. The ability to study Chinese law, and the chance to learn the language will put you in good stead to secure that coveted Training Contract. 

Kerala Drew m102 LLB Law with a year in Hong Kong
Kerala Drew, M102 LLB with a Year in Hong Kong student

The learning environment at HKU is very different; for example, there are no tutorials, simply three hour lectures. HKU also offer more practical modules, such as Mediation and Human Rights in Practice, in which I was able to work directly with an NGO in Shenzhen to produce a comparative legal research report. This has developed my legal practice skills, and will hopefully provide a talking point at interview later on in my law career. I was lucky enough to undertake a week’s work experience doing judicial marshalling at the Hong Kong Court of Appeal, which was a fantastic experience.

This year I was also able to undertake an internship at Zul Rafique law firm in Malaysia. During this time I worked in their litigation department, and was also able to travel around Kuala Lumpur on the weekends. I secured this internship as a one of the partners at Zul Rafique is actually a Queen Mary Alumni! Finally, being able to travel around Asia has been the highlight of my year abroad. So far I have visited Beijing, Shanghai, Borneo and Bali, as they are all within easy (and cheap) access of Hong Kong. I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship by the British Council, which has of course been useful in funding these trips, and I would advise all future students to apply for this also."

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