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LAW6001A EU Justice and Home Affairs (A): Immigration and Asylum Law


This 15-credit module focuses on various aspects of European Union immigration and asylum law.

EU decision-making on immigration and asylum and the 'democratic deficit'; The development of EU minimum standards on the protection of asylum seekers; Proposals on the processing of asylum applications, including 'off-shore', extra-territorial processing; Policies on legal migration, including admission of immigrants for labour migration; The rights of third country nationals in the EU, and their integration in European societies; Irregular migration, and measures to combat it (such as the criminalisation of trafficking in human beings); Border controls and border security; The creation of databases for border controls; The European Border Agency; The external dimension of EU action, including relations with third countries in the fields of return of irregular migrants, readmission agreements and the protection of asylum seekers and refugees.




100 per cent exam

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