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LAW6011 Cyberspace Law


This module aims to address policy, regulatory and transactional issues raised by the internet and technology applications enabled by the internet. The borderless nature of the internet and the possibility to transmit information quickly on a global basis has raised difficult questions of state jurisdiction, regulation and structuring commercial activities online, which this module will explore in depth. The subject-matter of this module affects many different areas of law (contract, intellectual property protection, privacy, content regulation, criminal law, competition law, administrative law) and is therefore a pervasive theme, which lawyers cannot ignore. The module is divided into two parts: the first focusing on policy and regulation; the second on the legal and practical aspects of eCommerce. The module is therefore aimed both at students wishing to specialise in technology/intellectual property law and at students with interests in other subjects (such as human rights, media law, administrative law or commercial law).




100 per cent exam

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