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LAW6017A Comparative European Law (A): European Legal Systems


Comparative European Law is the advised module for:

  • domestic students interested in aspects of European constitutional, human rights and private law
  • domestic students who have studied abroad or plan to do so
  • visiting students

The module includes:

  • key features of legal systems of France, Germany and England
  • interaction between European Union law and the laws of the Member States
  • active student participation (presentations on national constitutions)
  • critical assessment of harmonization of national laws

Module description:

Introduction to French, German and the common law legal families, in particular constitutional law, private law (contract and tort), legal process, and human rights law. It also considers the relationship between comparative law and EU law, in particular common European principles in constitutional law and civil law, as well as the impact of EU law on national legal systems.




75 per cent exam

12.5 per cent presentation

12.5 per cent coursework

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