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LAW6103 Further Contract Law

Note: Restricted to final year LLB students (M100 and M120 programmes). 


This module builds upon the knowledge and skills obtained in Elements of Contract Law. This module examines those areas in which contract law interacts or boarders with other areas of private obligations, notably tort, restitution and bailment. In particular, the course is concerned with those ways in which a contract is rendered unenforceable. Students undertake study of the efforts of misrepresentation (in tort and contract), of duress, undue influence, and illegality and restraint of trade. The module then proceeds to consider privity of contract. The rights of third parties are examined, both at common law and the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. Finally, the module examines a matter of great practical importance: the rules surrounding the construction of contracts.




100 per cent exam

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