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Terrorism and Human Rights


The module will examine the evolution and content of counter-terrorism law at the domestic (UK), European Union and international level. The development of counter-terrorism law will be viewed from a contextual and multidisciplinary perspective and the interaction between the different levels of legislative production of counter-terrorism norms will be explored. The module will focus on the interconnection between counter-terrorism law and a number of distinct areas of law including criminal law, constitutional/public law, administrative law and immigration law. Specific topics covered include the definition and criminal law of terrorism, the law of terrorist sanctions, counter-terrorism and the rule of law, counter-terrorism and surveillance, counter-terrorism and risk and the nexus between counter-terrorism and immigration control. Throughout the module, the implications of counter-terrorism law for the protection of human rights and the relationship between the individual and the state will be fully explored. The module will focus in particular on the impact of counter-terrorism on the right to life, the prohibition of torture, the right to fair trial and the right to privacy, and will examine the impact of the Human Rights Act, the ECHR and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on the interpretation and development of counter-terrorism law.




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