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Public lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars from the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. During term-time we run a lively postgraduate seminar series and a staff seminar series.

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Public events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
13 Jan 2015 Reading Sessions: Dr Angelos Dimopoulos Public
28 Nov 2015 Expert Negotiation Skills for Lawyers Public
2 Dec 2015 Reading Sessions: “Collective Security and its Infra-Law” by Dr Isobel Roele Public
2 Dec 2015 New Book Forum: 'Social Systems Theory and Judicial Review - Taking Jurisprudence Seriously' by Dr Katayoun Baghai Public
2 Dec 2015 ICC Seminar: 'Vertical Agreements and the Single Market Imperative in the Internet Age' by Charles Bankes Public
3 Dec 2015 Public / Private Dimensions of Jurisdiction Public Legal Theory
3 Dec 2015 Reforming Freedom of Expression Legislation in Brazil: from Online Public Participation to the Impact on Intellectual Property Public Intellectual Property
4 Dec 2015 UK Supreme Court Decisions on Private and Commercial Law: The Role of Public Policy and Public Interest Public
7 Dec 2015 Global Shipping Law Forum Public Shipping Law
7 Dec 2015 2015 Herchel Smith Intellectual Property Lecture: The Hon Mr Justice Carr Public Intellectual Property
8 Dec 2015 Incentives or Sanctions: What is the Most Effective Way to Create a Better Culture in Financial Services? Public Regulation and Ethics
9 Dec 2015 'Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Interaction of Legal Systems' by Professor Paul Berman Public
9 Dec 2015 PARIS EVENT: Arbitration in Africa - ICDR Y&I Annual Conference Public International Arbitration
9 Dec 2015 10 Years' LLM in Media Law at QMUL Public Media Law
10 Dec 2015 New Book Forum: 'Justice in the EU' by Dr Floris De Witte Public
10 Dec 2015 'Magna Carta: Then and Now' - Professor David Carpenter, KCL Public
11 Dec 2015 Access to Electronic Data for Law Enforcement Purposes Public
11 Jan 2016 EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 2 Public Intellectual Property
13 Jan 2016 Half Day Workshop - Small States in Europe Public Small States
21 Jan 2016 Universal / Regional / Individual Jurisdiction Public Legal Theory
23 Jan 2016 Presentation Skills for Lawyers Public
27 Jan 2016 Half-Day Workshop on 'Adjudication and Indigenous Peoples' Public
28 Jan 2016 CEILA Key Note Series: Emanuela Matei and Horia Ciurtin Public
28 Jan 2016 CLSGC Policy Lecture: 'Sexual, Gender and Bodily Diversity in the Inter-American Human Rights System' by Tracy Robinson Public
3 Feb 2016 Ad Hoc Seminar by Dr Jonathan Crowe Public
4 Feb 2016 New Voices in Commercial Law Seminar: "Financial Regulation" Public
4 Feb 2016 New Book Forum: 'Consumer Involvement in Private EU Competition Law Enforcement' by Dr Maria Ioannidou Public
5 Feb 2016 PARIS EVENT: Annual Conference of the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (EFILA): "Investment Arbitration 2.0?" Public International Arbitration
6 Feb 2016 Time Management for Lawyers Public
10 Feb 2016 Rt Hon Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC 'Small Pacific Island States and the Catastrophe of Climate Change' Public Small States
11 Feb 2016 New Book Forum: 'Allowing for Exceptions - A Theory of Defences and Defeasibility in Law' by Dr Luís Duarte d’Almeida Public
18 Feb 2016 Health and Jurisdiction Public Legal Theory
20 Feb 2016 Confidence Skills for a Successful Career in Business and Law Public
24 Feb 2016 Professor Julia Hörnle's Inaugural Lecture 'Unclaimed Territories in the Clouds: Where are the Limits to Internet Jurisdiction?' Public Internet Law
25 Feb 2016 Reading Sessions: "Montreal Convention vs EU regulation 261/2004” by Nick Bernard Public
1 Mar 2016 The Inaugural Roy Goode Lecture in Commercial Law: "National and Transnational Commercial Law: The Challenges of Change" Public Commercial Law
2 Mar 2016 New Book Forum: 'Sovereignty in a Post-Sovereign Society' by Professor Jiri Priban Public
3 Mar 2016 New Voices in Commercial Law Seminar: "Current Issues in Insurance Law and Regulation" Public Insurance Law
4 Mar 2016 New Book Forum: 'Protecting Vulnerable Groups. The European Human Rights Framework' by Sara Iglesias Sanchez & Francesca Ippolito Public
9 Mar 2016 Reading Sessions: “Constitutional Change in the EU: insights from comparative law” by Dr Mario Mendez Public
16 Mar 2016 The 2nd Cotterrell Lecture in Sociological Jurisprudence: Professor Eve Darian-Smith Public
17 Mar 2016 Cyberspace and Jurisdiction Public Legal Theory
18 Mar 2016 Global Trends in Competition Enforcement Public Competition Law
23 Mar 2016 CLSGC Policy Lecture: 'The Politics of Climate Change Negotiation’ by Dr Dan Bondi Ogolla Public
30 Mar 2016 New Book Forum: 'Understanding the Nature of Law' by Professor Michael Giudice Public
31 Mar 2016 CLSGC Annual Lecture on 'Mare Nostrum: International Law, Spatial Order, and the Mediterranean' by Professor Anne Orford Public Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context
6 Apr 2016 New Book Forum: 'Whaling and International Law' by Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice Public
8 Apr 2016 More Than Just a Game: Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law (second edition) Public Intellectual Property
12 Apr 2016 Annual Seminar on History and Theory of Property Law Public Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context
12 Apr 2016 Arbitrating in the European Union: Leaving the Rhetoric Behind and Building the Realities Ahead Public International Arbitration
13 Apr 2016 Ad Hoc Seminar by Professor Oren Perez Public
18 Apr 2016 Half-Day Workshop on 'Global Law and Science Fiction' Public
28 Apr 2016 Roundtable: Jurisdiction in a Pluralist World - History, Theory, Challenges Public Legal Theory
20 May 2016 Half-day Workshop on 'Imperialism and Orientalism in Global Legal History' Public Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context
3 Jun 2016 Queen Mary Postgraduate Legal Research Conference 2016 Public
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