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Public lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars from the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. During term-time we run a lively postgraduate seminar series and a staff seminar series.

Public events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
27 Feb 18China and Global Governance Workshop and Future of Chinese Foreign Policy RoundtablePublic
28 Feb 18Dispossession: The Great Social Housing Swindle.Public
2 Mar 18NVCL Seminar on the Regulation of Systemic RiskPublic
2 Mar 18CLSGC 2018 Cotterrell Lecture in Sociological JurisprudencePublic
5 Mar 18School of Law Alumni Reunion in Lahore, PakistanPublic
7 Mar 18Gender segregation and deconstruction in the UK Public
8 Mar 18China's World In The Era of Xi Jinping: What Does China Want?Public
9 Mar 18School of Law Alumni Reunion in Islamabad, PakistanPublic
12 Mar 1833rd Annual Joint Colloquium of Arbitrators - 'Ethics in International Arbitration: Arbitrators, Counsel, Experts, Witnesses, Parties and Funders'Public
14 Mar 18CLSGC Comparative Disciplines Series: Sociology, Economics and Law Public
16 Mar 18CLSGC Legal advocacy as liberal resistance: the experience of China’s human rights lawyersPublic
20 Mar 18CLSGC Annual Lecture 2018 by Professor James TullyPublic
5 Apr 18More Than Just a Game IV: Culture, Identities, Freedoms and Artificial IntelligencePublic
12 Apr 18Development Finance in Emerging Markets: Challenges, Innovations, and ResultsPublic
25 Apr 18Symposium on Sociological Jurisprudence by Professor Roger CotterrellPublic
10 May 18CLSGC Book Symposium on 'Law and Revolution: Legitimacy and Constitutionalism After the Arab Spring' by Dr Nimer SultanyPublic
14 Jun 18The Oxford Handbook of Law and Humanities ConferencePublic
12 Nov 18EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 1Public
14 Jan 19EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 2Public

Internal events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
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