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Public lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars from the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. During term-time we run a lively postgraduate seminar series and a staff seminar series.

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Public events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
3 May 2016 International Arbitration Award Writing - Award Writing Exam Public International Arbitration
27 Sep 2016 Meet our Professors - Professor Elspeth Guild - BREXIT and its consequences for the UK and EU Citizenship or Monstrous Citizenship Public
5 Oct 2016 PARIS EVENT: Forced Localisation of Cloud Services: Is Privacy the Real Driver? Public
12 Oct 2016 CLSGC Ad Hoc Seminar: 'Alterity, Gender Equality and the Veil' by Professor Ratna Kapur Public
19 Oct 2016 New Book Symposium - The Power of Process: The Value of Due Process in Security Council Sanctions Decision-Making Public
2 Nov 2016 Global Jurists Seminar One - The Idea of the Global Jurist Public
10 Nov 2016 New Book Symposium - Controlling Administrative Power: A Comparative History Public
16 Nov 2016 Arbitration and Legal Reasoning Public
17 Nov 2016 EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 1 Public Intellectual Property
23 Nov 2016 Half day workshop on 'Diversity and Legal Reasoning' Public
30 Nov 2016 CLSGC Policy Lecture: Abdullah An Naim (Emory) Public
6 Dec 2016 New Book Symposium - Oxford Handbook of Roman Law and Society Public
7 Dec 2016 Comparative History of Legal Reasoning Public
14 Dec 2016 Global Jurists Seminar Two - Global Jurists in History Public
9 Jan 2017 EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 2 Public Intellectual Property
12 Jan 2017 Civil War, Intervention and International Law Public
13 Jan 2017 New Book Symposium - Civil War: A History in Ideas Public
25 Jan 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Three - Comparisons, Transplants, Migrations Public
22 Feb 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Four - Radical/Activist visions Public
15 Mar 2017 Literature and the History of International Law Public
16 Mar 2017 The 3rd Cotterrell Lecture in Sociological Jurisprudence: Anthony Appiah (NYU) Public
21 Mar 2017 Inaugural Queen Mary Conversation in Law and the Humanities: Joe Sacco Public
22 Mar 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Five - Adjudication and Global Jurists Public
17 May 2017 CLSGC Annual Lecture: Lauren Benton (Vanderbilt) Public
25 May 2017 New Book Symposium - Rage for Order: British Empire and Origins of International Law Public

Internal events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
18 May 2017 Postgraduate Masterclass: Lauren Benton Internal
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