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Public lectures, conferences, workshops and seminars from the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. During term-time we run a lively postgraduate seminar series and a staff seminar series.

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Public events

DateTitlePublic/InternalArea of Law
3 Dec 2016 Cross-Cultural Business and Consultancy Skills for International Lawyers Public
5 Dec 2016 CJC Conference: Policing Of/Through Flows Public Criminal law
6 Dec 2016 New Book Symposium - Oxford Handbook of Roman Law and Society Public
7 Dec 2016 Illicit Networks Workshop Public Criminal law
7 Dec 2016 Comparative History of Legal Reasoning Public
7 Dec 2016 qLegal Workshop: Be Forearmed - A Cyber Crime 101 for Startups Public
13 Dec 2016 qLegal Workshop: Getting Your Head Around Software Patents Public
14 Dec 2016 Global Jurists Seminar Two - Global Jurists in History Public
15 Dec 2016 ICC Guest Lecture: 'Making markets work well for consumers, businesses and the UK economy' by David Currie Public
6 Jan 2017 State Crime and Digital Resistance: Special Issue of State Crime Journal Public
9 Jan 2017 EQE Training Programme on European Patent Law and Practice - Part 2 Public Intellectual Property
12 Jan 2017 Civil War, Intervention and International Law Public
13 Jan 2017 New Book Symposium - Civil War: A History in Ideas Public
14 Jan 2017 Presentation Skills for Lawyers Workshop Public
16 Jan 2017 Art, Crime and Criminals: Painting Fresh Pictures of Art Theft, Fraud and Plunder Public
25 Jan 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Three - Comparisons, Transplants, Migrations Public
31 Jan 2017 CLSGC Ad Hoc Seminar: Official Point of View and the Official Claim to Authority Public
31 Jan 2017 Human Rights in the UK under Review: A Symposium Public
18 Feb 2017 Time Management for Lawyers Workshop Public
22 Feb 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Four - Radical/Activist visions Public
8 Mar 2017 Workshop on Comparative Methodology Public
10 Mar 2017 Friday Lecture Series: David Manley Public Energy and Natural resources law, Tax law
15 Mar 2017 Literature and the History of International Law Public
16 Mar 2017 The 3rd Cotterrell Lecture in Sociological Jurisprudence: Anthony Appiah (NYU) Public
18 Mar 2017 Confidence Skills for a Successful Career in Business and Law Public
21 Mar 2017 Inaugural Queen Mary Conversation in Law and the Humanities: Joe Sacco Public
22 Mar 2017 Global Jurists Seminar Five - Adjudication and Global Jurists Public
29 Mar 2017 LEAD Book Forum: Gendering European Working Time Regimes Public
7 Apr 2017 More Than Just a Game: Interactive Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law (third edition) Public
17 May 2017 CLSGC Annual Lecture: Lauren Benton (Vanderbilt) Public
25 May 2017 New Book Symposium - Rage for Order: British Empire and Origins of International Law Public
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