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Alldridge, Peter Professor Criminal law, Disability law, Evidence, Information Technology, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Legal education DoL
Allen, Stephen Senior Lecturer International Law and Legal Theory DoL
Amos, Merris Reader Human rights and civil liberties, Public law DoL
Ashcroft, Richard Professor Bioethics and Medical Law DoL
Barmes, Lizzie Professor Constitutional law, European Union law, Equality and discrimination law, Human rights and civil liberties, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Labour law, Public law DoL
Bates, Rebecca Lecturer International Water Law, International Environmental Law, Environmental Governance, Environmental Rights, Trade and the Environment DoL
Benöhr, Iris Lecturer International and EU law, consumer and competition law, dispute resolution, financial services regulation, human rights and sustainable development DoL
Bernard, Nick Senior Lecturer European Union law DoL
Bonaccorso, Monica M.E. Research Fellow Kinship and Gender, Reproductive, Health and Human Rights, Poverty, AID and Development, Anthropology of science and medicine. Areas of expertise: UK, Italy, Kenya DoL
Brekoulakis, Stavros Professor ADR and Dispute Resolution, Conflict of Laws, International Arbitration, International Commercial Law, International Investment and Trade Law, International Secured Transactions, Construction Contracts and Arbitration CCLS
Bryson, Anna Research Fellow DoL
Cahill, Patrick Professional Services Clinical legal education, commercial law and entrepreneurship DoL
Callender Smith, Robin Visiting Professor CCLS
Carrera, Sergio Visiting/Honorary Staff Criminal justice, EU law, migration law DoL
Chatterjee, C Visiting Professional Fellow Banking and finance law CCLS
Choudhry, Shazia Reader Child law, Criminal law, Family law, Human rights and civil liberties DoL
Chronopoulos, Apostolos Lecturer Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark Law CCLS
Cotterrell, Roger Professor Comparative law, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Sociology of law DoL
Cunningham, Margaret Lecturer EU Law, EU Human Rights Law DoL
Dabbah, Eyad Maher Professor Competition law DoL
Dallas, James Institute Directors CCLS
Davies, Gillian Professor International and EU Intellectual Property Law CCLS
De Girolamo, Debbie Senior Lecturer Dispute Resolution Processes CCLS
de la Cour Venning, Alicia Academic, Research and Training Staff Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Criminology DoL
Del Mar, Maksymilian Reader Jurisprudence and legal theory, Legal education, Sociology of law, Law and Literature, History of legal thought DoL
Dignam, Alan Professor Company law / Corporate law DoL
Dimita, Gaetano Lecturer Intellectual Property, Interactive Entertainment Law CCLS
Dimopoulos, Angelos Lecturer EU law, Foreign Investment Law, EU external relations, International Economic Law DoL
Dine, Janet Professor Company law / Corporate law, Human rights and civil liberties, International economic law, International trade law CCLS
Donovan, Donald Francis Visiting Professor Foreign investment law, International arbitration CCLS
Douglas-Scott, Sionaidh Professor Constitutional Law, EU Public Law, Human Rights, Legal and Social Theory DoL
Downes, Lauren Research Officer CCLS
Drahos, Peter Professor Development, Intellectual property law, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Regulation CCLS
Edgar, Laura Lecturer Electronic commerce, Taxation CCLS
Edmunds, Rod Senior Lecturer Land law, Trustees' and Directors' fiduciary duties, Rights of victims to participate at the ICC DoL
Olufemi, Elias Visiting Professor International environmental law DoL
Evans , Gail Elizabeth Reader International Trade, Intellectual Property Law CCLS
Ferguson, Bob Visiting Professor DoL
Fitzmaurice, Malgosia Professor Indigenous people, International environmental law, International water law, Public international law, Treaties DoL
Flanagan, Anne Professor Communications law, Competition law, Internet law, Intellectual property law, Privacy and data protection, Telecommunications CCLS
Fletcher, Ruth Senior Lecturer Medical law, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Sociology of law, Health and Human Rights, Feminist theory and practice, Equality and social justice DoL
Fortson, Rudi Visiting Professor DoL
Gallagher, Norah Senior Lecturer public international law, investment dispute resolution, international commercial arbitration, energy and natural resources CCLS
Gari, Gabriel Senior Lecturer International Economic Law, WTO Law, Preferential Trade Agreements, Trade in Services, BITs, Law and Development CCLS
Georgosouli, Andromachi Senior Lecturer Regulation, Banking Law and Finance, Jurisprudence CCLS
Gerbay, Remy Lecturer Arbitration CCLS
Gibson, Johanna Professor Intellectual Property Law, Legal Theory and Philosophy, Fashion Law, Traditional Knowledge, Intellectual Property and Medicine, Policy CCLS
Goldby, Miriam Reader Shipping Law, Insurance Law, Commercial Law CCLS
Gomula-Crawford, Joanna Visiting Professional Fellow International trade law CCLS
Gragl, Paul Senior Lecturer EU Law, Public International Law, Jurisprudence and Legal Theory DoL
Green, Penny Professor DoL
Griffiths, Jonathan Professor Copyright law, Information technology, Intellectual property law, Torts DoL
Guild, Elspeth Professor EU Law DoL
Gur, Noam Lecturer Jurisprudence and legal theory, political philosophy, tort law and medical malpractice DoL
Heffron, Raphael Professor Energy and Natural Resources Law and Policy CCLS
Heinze, Eric Professor Jurisprudence and legal theory, Law and literature, Human rights and civil liberties DoL
Hoffmann, Lord Visiting Professor CCLS
Hohmann, Jessie Lecturer International and domestic human rights, Public international law, Legal theory, Law and social justice DoL
Hon, Kuan Research staff CCLS
Hörnle, Julia Professor ADR and dispute resolution, Communications law, Competition law, Conflict of laws, Electronic commerce, European Union law, Internet law CCLS
Horspool, Margot Teaching Associate Comparative law, European Union law DoL
Howe, Adrian Visiting Professional Fellow DoL
Hufnagel, Saskia Lecturer Police and justice cooperation, comparative constitutional and human rights law, art crime DoL
Hunter, Rosemary Professor Socio-legal studies; feminist legal studies; family law; access to justice DoL
Ioannidou, Maria Lecturer Competition Law, EU Law DoL
Jancic, Davor Lecturer EU Law, Public Law, Contract Law DoL
Kamarinou, Dimitra Research staff CCLS
Kebranian, Nanor Postdoctoral researcher DoL
Kennedy, Elizabeth Research staff Cloud Computing Law CCLS
Kokkoris, Ioannis Professor Law and economics, Comparative competition law/economics and policy, Intellectual property, Banking law, Financial regulation CCLS
Kurt, Mehmet Research Fellow Islamism and Islamic social movements, radicalisation and fundamentalism, Middle East studies, human rights and state crime, religious and political violence, social and collective memory, belonging and citizenship, peace and conflict studies, visual anthropology, Kurds in Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria DoL
Lastra, Rosa Maria Professor Banking and finance law, European Union law, International economic law, Regulation, Development CCLS
Leal-Arcas, Rafael Professor International economic law, International trade law, Trade and Energy, WTO law, Climate change law, International investment law, European Union law, EU external economic relations law, energy governance CCLS
Lew, Julian DM Professor ADR and dispute resolution, Foreign investment law, International arbitration CCLS
Lindroos-Hovinheimo, Susanna Lecturer Jurisprudence, Philosophy of law, Critical legal theory DoL
Lloyd, HH Humphrey Visiting Professional Fellow International arbitration CCLS
Loverdou, Tina Lecturer International Shipping Law, Marine Insurance Law, Maritime Arbitration, International Commercial Law CCLS
Lykotrafiti, Antigoni Lecturer Transport Law, Energy Law CCLS
MacManus, Thomas Research Fellow Crime, Human Rights, Civil Rights, Corporate Crime, State Crime, State-Corporate Crime, Criminology, Resistance, Public International Law, International Criminal Law, Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Genocide, Torture, Corruption, Ethnic Cleansing, Death Penalty, Capital Punishment, Trafigura, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Colombia, ​Ivory Coast, Burma, Myanmar DoL
Malleson, Kate Professor Comparative law, Constitutional law, Courts, judges, access to justice, Equality and discrimination law, Public law DoL
Maniatis, Spyros Head of Department Competition law, Intellectual property law, Trade Mark law CCLS
Marks, Amber Lecturer Forensic science and expert witnesses, Police powers, Prostitution, Drug laws, Olfactory surveillance, Scent evidence DoL
Matthews, Duncan Professor Intellectual property law, Patent law CCLS
McConville, Seán Professor Law and Public Policy (including penal and criminal history), contemporary and comparative issues in criminology, political aspects of criminal law, conflict containment and resolution, peace process in Ireland and the UK, research design and methodology DoL
Mendez, Mario Senior Lecturer Constitutional law, European Union law, Public law DoL
Metsch, Rutger Lecturer International Commercial Arbitration, Investment Treaty Arbitration, Negotiation, Strategic Decision Making CCLS
Millard, Christopher Professor Information technology, Internet law, Privacy and data protection CCLS
Mistelis, Loukas Professor ADR and Dispute Resolution, International Arbitration, Energy and Natural Resources, Foreign Investment Law, International Economic Law, International Commercial Law, International Trade Law, International Secured Transactions CCLS
Mitsilegas, Valsamis Head of Department Asylum and immigration law, Criminal law, European Union law, Terrorism law DoL
Moreno-Lax, Violeta Lecturer EU Law, International Refugee Law, European Immigration, Borders and Asylum Law, Human Rights, LLM in Immigration Law DoL
Morris, Caroline Senior Lecturer Public law, Electoral law, Administrative law, Parliamentary law, Law of direct democracy DoL
Morrison, Wayne Professor DoL
Mulheron, Rachael Professor Class actions, Contract law, Medical law, Restitution, Torts DoL
Musker, David Professor Intellectual Property Law, Design Law, Patent Law CCLS
Nadj, Daniela Lecturer International Human Rights Law, Feminist Legal Theory, EU Law and Public Law DoL
Nanopoulos, Eva Lecturer EU Law, International Law, Human Rights Law and Critical Legal Theory DoL
Nobles, Richard Professor Criminal law, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Sociology of law DoL
Ntovas, Alexandros X.M. Professor Admiralty, Shipping Law, International law of the sea, Public International Law (treaty law and international dispute settlement), European Union Law (public and administrative) CCLS
Okowa, Phoebe Professor Criminal law, International humanitarian law, Public international law DoL
Olivares-Caminal, Rodrigo Professor International Finance CCLS
Ormerod, David Professor Criminal law, Evidence DoL
HJI Panayi, Christiana Professor Taxation, International tax law, European tax law CCLS
Perera, Shalini Lecturer Banking and finance law, Company law / Corporate law DoL
Perry, Christina Lecturer Contract Law DoL
Pinborough, Julie Lecturer Clinical Legal Education, Pro Bono, Access to Justice DoL
Rawlings, Philip John Professor Non-marine insurance, Banking, Sale of goods, History of commercial law, crime and criminal justice CCLS
Reed, Chris Professor Electronic commerce, Information technology, Internet law, Intellectual property law CCLS
Ridout, Frances Professional Services Clinical Legal Education, Criminal Law and Procedure, Law of Evidence DoL
Rix, Bernard Professor International Commercial Law CCLS
Roberts, Graham Visiting Professional Fellow CCLS
Roele, Isobel Lecturer Public International Law, International Legal Theory, Collective Security, Global Governance and the United Nations. DoL
Rogers, Catherine Professor Ethics, Regulation and the Rule of Law CCLS
Russo, Costanza Senior Lecturer Banking Law, Financial Supervision and Regulation, Company Law, Corporate Social Responsibility CCLS
Samuel, Dorit Visiting Lecturer Commercial Law, Financial Models and Derivatives from a legal perspective CCLS
Sanders, Gerard Visiting Professional Fellow International economic law, the law of international financial institutions, International dispute resolution CCLS
Scherer, Maxi Professor International Dispute Resolution, International Commercial Arbitration, International Investment Arbitration, International Litigation, Conflicts of Law, Comparative Law CCLS
Schiff, David Emeritus Staff Criminal law, Jurisprudence and legal theory, Sociology of law DoL
Schneider, Bernard Lecturer Taxation, International Tax Law, Tax Policy, Comparative Tax Law, Chinese Taxation, US Taxation, Public Law CCLS
Seal, Rupert Lecturer Land Law, Equity and Trusts DoL
Shah, Prakash A Reader Legal Pluralism, Religion and Law, Cultural Diversity and Law, Immigration, Refugee and Nationality Law, Comparative Laws of Asia and Africa DoL
Shemtov, Noam Senior Lecturer Intellectual Property and Technology Law CCLS
Sheppard, Audley William Visiting Professor Foreign investment law, International arbitration CCLS
Shore, Laurence Visiting Teaching Staff Energy and natural resources, Foreign investment law, International arbitration CCLS
Siegelberg, Mira Lecturer DoL
Smits, René Visiting Professional Fellow Banking and finance law CCLS
Southern QC, David Visiting Professional Fellow Taxation CCLS
Sterling , Adrian Visiting Professor Copyright law, Intellectual property law CCLS
Suthersanen, Uma Professor International Intellectual Property Law, Comparative Copyright law, Comparative Design Law CCLS
Sutter, Gavin Senior Lecturer Electronic commerce, General media law, Information technology, Torts CCLS
Svasti-Salee, Joy Visiting Professional Fellow Taxation CCLS
Tang (唐冠虹), Guan H. Senior Lecturer Commercial Law Asia, Chinese Intelletual Property, the rule of law in China CCLS
Tunkel, Victor Teaching Associate DoL
Van Bueren QC, Geraldine Professor Child law, Civil Liberties, Equality and discrimination law, Human rights and civil liberties, International humanitarian law, Social welfare and poverty law DoL
Van Hoecke, Mark Professor Comparative Law DoL
Vinokur, Leon Senior Lecturer CCLS
Vranaki, Asma Research staff CCLS
Walden, Ian Professor Electronic commerce, General media law, Information technology, Internet law, Telecommunications CCLS
Walker, George Professor Banking and finance law CCLS
Walters, Richard Teaching Fellow Tax, Benefits and criminal law and associated areas such as public law, Human Rights, EU Law, trusts, company law and charities DoL
Wang, Daniel Lecturer Constitutional Law, Medical Law, Human Rights Law DoL
Westkamp, Guido Professor Copyright law, Intellectual property law CCLS
Wilson, William Professor Criminal law DoL
Witting, Christian A Professor Tort Law, Company Law DoL
Yeats, Ian Senior Lecturer Tort, Constitutional, Administrative Law DoL
Yesilirmak, Ali Visiting Lecturer International arbitration CCLS
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