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Professor Stavros Brekoulakis, LLB (Athens) LLM (London) PhD (London)

Professor of International Arbitration and Commercial Law

Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8215


Stavros Brekoulakis

Stavros Brekoulakis is a Professor of International Arbitration and Commercial Law, Queen Mary University of London, as well as an attorney-at-law. He teaches courses in International Commercial Arbitration, International Construction Contracts and Arbitration, International Commercial Litigation and Conflict of Laws, International Commercial Law. His academic work includes the leading monograph on Third Parties in International Commercial Arbitration (OUP 2010), the book Arbitrability: International and Comparative Perspectives (Kluwer 2009) and numerous publications in leading legal journals and reviews.

He has practiced commercial law, arbitration and litigation as an in-house counsel and private practitioner in Greece, and he has been involved in international arbitration for more than 14 years as counsel, expert and arbitrator. He has been appointed in arbitrations under the rules of the London Court of International Arbitration, the International Chamber of Commerce, the Danish Institute of Arbitration, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. His professional expertise focuses on arbitrations in the context of international business and trade transactions, including construction projects, sales of goods and distribution agreements, IP contracts, shipping and insurance contracts, financial transactions.

He holds an LLB degree (summa cum laude) from the National University of Athens (1997), an LLM degree (summa cum laude) in International Business Law from King’s College London (2003) and a PhD degree in Arbitration and Conflict of Laws from Queen Mary, University of London (2007).


Postgraduate teaching:

  • QLLM043 International and Comparative Commercial Arbitration
  • QLLM051 International Commercial Litigation - Commercial Conflict of Laws
  • QLLM052 International Construction Contracts and Arbitration



Dr Stavros Brekoulakis' CV [PDF]

Selected Publications

Books / Edited Collections

  • “Public Policy in International Arbitration” (OUP forthcoming in 2015) (with Audley Sheppard)
  • “International Arbitration and Third Parties” (OUP 2010) - Monograph
  •  “Arbitrability: International and Comparative Perspectives”, (Kluwer 2009), co-author and co-editor with L.Mistelis

Articles in referred journals/Chapters in edited collections

  • “International Arbitration Scholarship and the Concept of Arbitration Law”, 36 Fordham Journal of International Law, 36(4) pp. 745-787 (2013)
  • “Systemic Bias and the Institution of International Arbitration: A new Approach to Arbitral Decision-Making”, Journal of International Dispute Settlement, 4(3) pp. 553-585 (2013).
  • Author, “Conflict of Jurisdictions in Arbitration: the (diminishing) relevance of the Lex Loci Arbitri”, in F. Ferrari and S. Kroell (eds), Conflict of Laws and Arbitration, (Sellier 2010)
  • “The Relevance Of The Interests Of the Third Parties In Arbitration: Taking A Closer Look At The Elephant In The Room”, 113 Penn. St. L. Rev, (Summer 2009) pp. 1165-1187.
  • “The Negative Effect of Compétence-Compétence: The Verdict has to be Negative”, Austrian Arbitration Yearbook (2009), pp. 237-258 SSRN
  • “On Arbitrability: Persisting Misconceptions and New Areas of Concern” essay in edited collection, Arbitrability: International and Comparative Perspectives, (Kluwer 2009) pp.19-45. SSRN
  • “Law Applicable to Arbitrability: Revisiting the Revisited lex fori”, essay in edited collection, Arbitrability: International and Comparative Perspectives, (Kluwer 2009) pp.101-121. SSRN
  • “Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards: Observations on the Efficiency of the Current System and the Gradual Development of Alternative Means of Enforcement”, 19 (3-4) American Review of International Arbitration (Columbia University) (2008), pp. 415-446.
  • “The Notion of Superiority of Arbitration Agreements over Jurisdiction Agreements: Time to Abandon It” (2007) 24(4) J. Int’l Arb. (pp341–363)
  • “The Effect of an Arbitral Award and Third Parties in International Arbitration: Res Judicata Revisited”, (2005) 16(1), Amer. Rev. Int’l. Arb. (pp177-209)

PhD Supervision

Current PhD students

  • Ms Margaret Devaney: Investment Arbitration and Human Rights (acting as 1st Supervisor)
  • Remy Gerbay: Arbitral Institutions
  • Mary Mitsi: The Role of Precedent in the Decision Making of Arbitrators

Public engagement


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