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LAW6034 International Human Rights Law

LAW6028 Commercial and Consumer Law

LAW6036 Company Law

LAW6029 Law and Medical Ethics

LAW6045B Criminology B

LAW6018 Law Modernity and the Holocaust

LAW6017B Comparative European Law B: European Integration

LAW6033 Intellectual Property Law

LAWXXXX Terrorism and Human Rights

LAW6046 Origins of the Western Legal Tradition

LAW6032 Public International Law

LAW6012 Sentencing and Penal Policy

LAW6048 Competition Law

LAW6045 Criminology

LAW6050 Comparative Law: Asian and African Legal Systems

LAW6052 International Environmental Law

LAW6054 Law and Literature: Dickens and the Common Law

LAW6045A Criminology A

LAW6154 Democracy and Justice

LAW4002 Criminal Law

LAW6031 Family Law

LAW6001B EU Justice and Home Affairs B: Criminal Law

LAW6055 The Law of Unjust Enrichment

LAW6056 Equity and Trusts Level 6

LAW6001 EU Justice and Home Affairs

LAW6155 Law, Justice and Ethics

LAW6017A Comparative European Law A: European Legal Systems

LAW5106 Administrative Law

LAW6039 Labour Law

LAW6057 Cultural Diversity and the Law

LAW4005 Elements of Contract Law

LAW6013 Medical Negligence

LAW6011 Cyberspace Law

LAW6017 Comparative European Law

LAW4001 Public Law

LAW6021 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

LAW6037 Law of Evidence

LAW6026 Revenue Law

LAW6012A Sentencing

LAW6003 Law and Globalisation: Companies, International Trade and Human Rights

LAW6015 Law and Literature: Justice in Crisis

LAW6016 Law and Literature: The Foundation of Law

LAW6053 Modern Legal History

LAW6009 The Law of Finance

LAW6101 Remedies in Private Law

LAW5001 Tort Law

LAW6012B Penal Policy

LAW6001A EU Justice and Home Affairs A: Immigration and Asylum Law

LAW5003 Equity and Trusts

LAW6035 Dissertation

LAW5002 Criminal Law for BA Politics Students

LAW6051 Use of Force in International Law

LAW6010 United Kingdom Human Rights Law

LAW4006 Land Law

LAW6005 International Commercial Transactions

LAW5105 Law of the European Union - Semester A

LAW6006 Media Law

LAW6104 Further Administrative Law

LAW6103 Further Contract Law

LAW4008 Law in Context

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